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hard disk low level format.

HDD Low-Level Format Tool is software to perform low-level formatting on the hard disk. This formatting technique is usually recommended to solve bad sector problems, but it can also be used for other problems such as cleaning the HDD from malware that anti-malware software cannot get rid of.

HDD Low-Level Format Tool you can use without buying a license, but the speed is not as fast as the commercial version (reduced to 50 MB per second or 180 GB per hour). The license also only allows its use for personal purposes, such as the HDD in the laptop you use at home.

Features of HDD Low-Level Format Tool

Almost all hard drive manufacturers are supported by HDD Low-Level Format Tool. Samsung, Toshiba, and Hitachi are also among them. Other big names like Seagate and Western Digital, whose products you can find everywhere, even in the simplest computer stores, can also be formatted using this one software.

HDD Low-Level Format Tool is able to detect hard drives automatically. After you click the “Continue for free” button that always appears every time you run it, the HDD Low-Level Format Tool will immediately display all the names of the hard drives installed in the computer so that you can choose the hard drive you want to format before clicking the “Continue” button.

In the next window, three tabs appear. “Device Details” is the first tab that displays hard disk information such as buffer size, LBA mode used, total capacity in bytes, security features, SMART, AAM (Automatic Acoustic Management), and so on.

The second tab is “LOW-LEVEL FORMAT” which is where the formatting process takes place. There you will also see the “Quick Wipe” option to wipe partitions and MBR (Master Boot Record). Regarding the speed of formatting, it depends on the specifications, capacity, and condition of each hard drive. If you have a hard disk with a capacity of about 600 GB, the process can take more than three hours.

The last tab is the SMART tab which presents the results of the HDDD condition analysis collected using SMART technology. To display the results of the analysis, you must click the "Get SMART Data" button. After that, don't forget to check the SMART attribute called Reallocated Sector Count.

Download HDD Low-Level Format Tool

After the low-level formatting process is complete, the hard drive needs to be formatted again, but this time, high-level formatting is applied. The goal is to add a file system to the hard disk so that its sectors can be used to store files.

In addition to formatting the hard drive, HDD Low-Level Format Tool is also capable of formatting memory cards. However, you need to remember that the files on the storage media will not be able to be recovered again, so do backups for important files before you start formatting. Download the latest and free HDD Low-Level Format utility

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