Windows 10 failed update? This How To Solve it

windows 10 failed update.

How To Solve Windows 10 failed update

If the Windows 10 you are using cannot enter the desktop menu and is stuck, as shown above, it may be caused by a failed update from Windows 10. The relatively frequent number of updates can cause Windows errors if you update and install it imperfectly. Many factors cause Windows 10 updates to fail. For example, an unstable internet connection that results in corrupted data updates, or maybe you forcibly close your computer while the update process is working so that when you turn it back on, the computer cannot enter the desktop and a notification appears if you have to restart the computer to fix it.

Sometimes it just takes a restart and the Windows 10 computer you are using can run normally again. But it's another thing if the computer continues to experience errors and can't even be used and an error notification always appears. If you experience this, there are several steps you must take to fix Windows 10 errors due to failed updates.

Steps in overcoming windows 10 error because it failed to update


  1. Delete the last windows update using safe mode
  2. Troubleshoot using the startup repair menu
  3. Doing recovery to before windows error using restore point
  4. The last way is to reset the windows 10 that you are using

You can do one of the things above to solve the Windows 10 error because it failed to update. To do the above method you must enter the Choose an option menu, where this menu usually appears the first time the computer is turned on when the Windows 10 you are using has a problem (error). But if you have trouble finding the Choose an option menu, you can enter safe mode first and then click Start - Settings - Update & Security -Recovery and then select restart on the Advanced startup menu.

To enter safe mode each computer is different, generally by pressing and holding F8 on the keyboard when the computer is turned on.

Delete the last windows update in safe mode

To overcome the failed windows update, you can go into safe mode then look for the last windows update and delete it. The trick is after you enter safe mode, the next step is to enter the control panel then select Uninstall a program, and enter the View installed update menu. Find the last update by date and then uninstall the update. After successfully uninstalling try restarting your computer to make sure the computer is running normally again.

Using the recovery menu to the restore point before the windows error

This method is still the same as the method above, namely through the Choose an option menu, where you can find the System Restore menu. System restore functions to restore all settings to the date made from the restore point. So if you experience a failed update today, then you can return the settings before today. Choose a date before the error occurs to return your computer to a healthy state. After success, all of your Windows 10 computer settings will run normally again according to the restore point date you selected.

Reset Windows 10

This method is the last resort if you do not succeed using the methods discussed above. Where this method will delete all existing settings on the system drive where you installed Windows 10. This method makes the existing Windows 10 computer you use, return to when you first installed Windows 10. This process will delete all program installations that you have installed and return like new. Tips for using the Windows 10 reset method are to select the keep my files menu when resetting. This tip serves not to delete files on the computer and only reset system settings.

That's the way you can do it if you experience Windows 10 errors due to failed updates. Hopefully, it can help you in finding a solution to the problem you are experiencing. Warm regards and thanks.

Hopefully, this article about Windows 10 failed update? This How To Solve it, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about Windows 8: Fast Boot and Hybrid Shutdown Features that you may need to know. Thank you.

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