Why Mac Slow? Refresh MacBook to Get Back Fast

why mac slow refresh macbook to get.

How to Refresh Mac and MacBook to Get Back Fast

Macs and MacBooks come pre-installed with Apple's custom-designed OS X or macOS operating system. Because the hardware and software are designed in-house, it is only natural that the performance and performance of the Mac can be said to be fast and smooth.

But what happens if the Mac turns out to be slower and slower than usual? Of course, you want to restore performance to be faster and refreshed. 

How to refresh Mac here is quite different from refreshing Windows. It's actually quite easy to restore Mac performance to be fast and fresh again without having to do complicated tutorials like a Windows PC or laptop.

Restart Mac

The easiest way you can do this is to restart your Mac or MacBook. Just like Windows, by restarting the Mac OS X or macOS operating system will be completely shut down and then restarted from the beginning.

Various bugs and minor errors will sort themselves out. So if your Mac or MacBook is experiencing a certain problem, the first step you can do right away is to restart it.

Smooth performance and a very efficient MacBook battery can make you keep turning on your MacBook without turning it off or restarting, just sleep, and if you want to use it, just open it. It is highly recommended to restart the Mac once a day so that it comes back fresh.

Clean Cache, Junk, and Various Junk Files

A collection of junk files such as cache and junk can slow down Mac OS X or macOS again. It is highly recommended that you clear cache files and other junk once a month to prevent them from piling up too much.

Cache files are indeed very necessary so that access to certain files can be faster, but if too many are stored, of course, it is not good for the performance of your Mac and MacBook.

Check and Fix Disk Error

Checking and repairing disk errors can be done in several ways. The first is to do first aid through the disk utility. The feature already exists and you just have to use it.

The second way is to use a third-party application like CleanMyMac. You can use the repair disk permission method like older versions of OS X to repair the disk.

Clean Mac and MacBook RAM

Although it's actually not mandatory, you can try cleaning the RAM on your Mac and MacBook to speed up Mac performance. By making more RAM-free space makes Mac performance faster. Read: How to Clear RAM on Mac and MacBook.

The OS X and macOS operating systems already have excellent RAM memory management, so this method isn't really mandatory, but it's worth trying.

These three methods are the most common ways to refresh a Mac and immediately restore the performance of a slow Mac.

Hopefully, this article about Why Mac Slow? Refresh MacBook to Get Back Fast, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about Why should you clone a hard drive in Windows 10? that you may need to know. Thank you.

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