What Is Thermal Paste And How Does It Work

what is thermal paste and how does it work.

What Is Thermal Paste And How Does It Work

What is Thermal Paste

When building a PC, you're more excited about the new processor, graphics card, and RAM than the thermal paste tube you bought. However, thermal paste is very important for the health of your computer, without it your PC won't last long! Let's explore what thermal paste is and how it works.

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1. What is Thermal Paste?

2. How Does Thermal Paste Work?

3. Do We Need Thermal Paste?

4. How to Apply Thermal Paste?

5. What's the Best Thermal Paste Brand?

6. Conclusion

What is Thermal Paste?

Thermal paste (also known as thermal grease or thermal compound) is a substance that is applied between the processor and the heat sink. You can buy small tubes of thermal paste at electronics stores, sometimes with a small trowel called an applicator.

When you build a PC, you will need thermal paste so that your PC can run smoothly. Some CPU coolers come with pre-applied thermal paste so you don't have to use them again. However, some people don't want to apply any brand of thermal paste except their favorite brand.

The role of the thermal paste is to help transfer heat away from the CPU and to the cooler. The heat sink then dissipates heat from the hardware. This keeps the CPU cool, especially when it comes to heavy processing or work.

You can also find the term “stock thermal paste.” This type is the thermal paste applied by the manufacturer, as in pre-built machines. However, some manufacturers skimp on the ingredients and use compounds that are not very effective at conducting heat. Because of this, people often change the brand of thermal paste they trust.

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How Does Thermal Paste Work?

CPUs can get very hot, so it's important to draw heat away from them as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, air is a terrible conductor of heat, so there needs to be as little air as possible between the CPU and cooler for optimal transfer.

If you get into a computer, you'll notice that the heat sink is pressing the CPU hard. This seal may look good enough to stop air coming in, Unfortunately even strong pressure is not enough to let air out.

The surface of the CPU and the contact plate of the cooler is covered by small indentations and gaps. If not closed properly, this gap allows air between the processor and the heat sink, thereby reducing the efficiency of heat transfer between the two.

This is where thermal paste comes in. Not only is it a good conductor of heat, but it can also penetrate small cracks and grooves on hardware surfaces. This creates an airtight seal and increases the rate of heat transfer.

Over time, the thermal paste will get old and dry. Drought reduces its effectiveness and causes the CPU to overheat. This incident is why people recommend reusing thermal paste to prevent the computer from overheating.

Do We Need Thermal Paste?

You might think that thermal paste is less important in PC builds than the processor or power supply. While the computer will boot without thermal paste, the problem will persist while you are using it!

Without thermal paste, there is no optimal heat transfer between the CPU and the heat sink. Thus, the CPU gets a lot hotter if you don't use it. If the CPU gets too hot, it will overheat and result in stuttering from throttling, blue screens, and sudden shutdowns.

While buying thermal paste is the least attractive part of a computer, it's a must-have. This allows the heat sink to do its job better and keeps your computer cool.

If you're wondering if you need thermal paste because you're worried about messing up your expensive new processor with gray goop, try getting a cooler with pre-applied paste. Pasta may not be the best type on the market, but it makes installation easier.

How to Apply Thermal Paste?

Given the importance of thermal paste, there is a very volatile debate about the best way to apply it. If you surf the internet, you will find theorems, strategies, and suggestions for applications.

The simplest application method is to place a bean drop in the center of the processor. Then, attach the heat sink to the processor, applying pressure to all four corners evenly. This ensures that the thermal paste is sandwiched and evenly distributed along the surface.

Jika thermal paste kalian dilengkapi dengan aplikator, kalian dapat menggunakannya untuk mendapatkan penyebaran merata. Beberapa orang menyukai metode ini untuk memastikan penyebaran sempurna sebelum mereka menjepit pendingin pada prosesor. Beberapa metode berbicara tentang aplikasi berbasis line yang membentang di seluruh inti prosesor. Tentu saja, kalian harus tahu di mana inti berada pada prosesor, sehingga tidak untuk semua orang.

Tetapi admin akan merekemondasikan kalian ke situs web aplikasi Artic Silver yang memberi tahu kalian metode tempel aplikasi yang ideal tergantung pada model CPU. Ini bagus untuk mempelajari berbagai cara dan memilih metode yang paling sesuai dengan perangkat keras kalian.

Tetapi apa pun metode yang kalian pilih, penting untuk memastikan tidak ada gelembung atau celah yang terjadi pada pasta. Ini memungkinkan udara sial masuk dan menghambat distribusi panas.

Apa Merek Thermal Paste Terbaik?

Memilih thermal paste terbaik cukup sulit, karena setiap orang memiliki pendapat berbeda tentang yang mana yang terbaik untuk mereka. Namun, kalian dapat memilih merek terbaik dengan melihat hasil pengujian dan mendasarkan keputusan kalian pada data mentah. Untuk memeriksa efisiensi thermal paste, uji terlebih dahulu mengukur suhu idle komputer. Kemudian, mereka menerapkan merek thermal paste ke prosesor. Komputer kemudian dimasukkan melalui stress test.

Penguji memeriksa suhu maks prosesor saat stress test. Mereka kemudian membandingkan suhu uji stress dengan suhu idle dari sebelumnya. Semakin kecil perbedaan antara suhu idle dan suhu stress test, semakin baik thermal paste untuk menghilangkan panas.

Untuk melihat merek thermal paste terbaik, coba spreadsheet benchmark ini dan cari senyawa dengan perubahan suhu terendah. Spreadsheet juga akan mencatat jika merek pasta sulit diterapkan, jadi pastikan untuk dicatat bahwa jika kalian belum pernah menggunakan thermal paste sebelumnya.


Walaupun thermal paste tidak diperlukan untuk menyalakan komputer, ini sangat berguna untuk menjaga suhu tetap rendah. Karena itu, kalian harus selalu menerapkan thermal paste saat membangun komputer, bahkan jika internet tidak dapat menyetujui cara terbaik untuk mendistribusikannya!

Hopefully, this article about What Is Thermal Paste And How Does It Work, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about What is Windows Cortana? How to Disable Cortana on Windows 10? that you may need to know. Thank you.

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