What is cPanel Hosting?

what is cpanel hosting.

What is cPanel Hosting?

What is cPanel Hosting

Every hosting provider must provide cPanel features in it. Saying that about 90% of all web hosting companies use cPanel would not be an exaggeration. But often we don't know what is cPanel hosting? The following is an explanation of cPanel Hosting.


1. What is cPanel Hosting?

2. Why Use cPanel?

3. Advantages of Using cPanel

4. Conclusion

What is cPanel Hosting?

cPanel, as the name suggests, is a web based control panel used to manage Linux or Windows based servers or web hosts. It allows users to control email addresses, domain names, databases, different PHP versions and almost every aspect of the web server, making it possible to manage all hosted services in one place. Developed by the cPanel company, cPanel is mostly written in Perl.

cPanel is a great and customizable control panel, and it also has an active community, which can help you solve any problems or difficulties that arise during its use. The popularity and widespread use of cPanel is also due to the fact that it has a straightforward interface that users can easily understand the first time they try it. And also this cPanel has features for enterprise level like multi-server management, IPV6 support, which makes it suitable for more professional use as well.

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Why Use cPanel?

Without cPanel it would be very difficult to actually manage a server. You will need advanced technical knowledge to complete a fairly simple task. Unless you are willing to take the time to understand how the command line works, you will have a hard time managing a server, or even launching a website. .

cPanel is one of the most widely used control panels in the hosting space. It is commonly used across shared hosting plans, but you will find it in various other hosting styles as well. However, when you get to more advanced forms of hosting like managed hosting WordPress, VPS, and cloud hosting, you will usually find a dedicated control panel.

cPanel helps beginners manage their server environment without too much technical understanding. The feature set can be a little confusing for beginners, but completing certain tasks to launch your site is fairly easy.

Advantages of Using cPanel

cPanel is very popular for shared hosting services and for day-to-day administration tasks for VPS and Dedicated Servers. Here are some of the main advantages:

1. Very popular: cPanel is pretty much the industry standard control panel for Linux hosts.

2. Scaleable: cPanel can be used for shared hosting, reseller hosting, Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers.

3. Low cost: cPanel licenses are inexpensive. If you are using a shared hosting platform then your hosting company will pay for the license.

4. No License limitation: unlike some other hosting control panels, cPanel has no limit on the number of sites that can be used with a single license.

5. Easy to install: Once your Linux Server installation is set up, you just need to run the cPanel installation script.

6. Safe and easy to maintain: Keeping cPanel up to date and secure is very easy.

7. Intuitive and Easy to Use: cPanel has a friendly learning environment and even though it has advanced features, beginners will find it easy to do simple configurations in cPanel

8. Full of Features: cPanel allows website administrators to quickly add additional functionality to their websites using 1 click installation software like Softaculous. Adding a blog or eCommerce software is very easy.

9. Portability (Easy Migration Process): Migrating from one cPanel server to another is very easy. This is important if you need to transfer hosting from one provider to another.

10. Easy Backup: cPanel includes a number of backup options to protect your valuable data. It also integrates with 3rd party backup software like r1soft/idera.


So What Is cPanel Hosting? cPanel is a web-based hosting control panel provided by many hosting providers to website owners that allows them to manage their website from a web-based interface.

To manage a website effectively, you don't need to be an expert in using cPanel. With just entry-level knowledge, you can handle all the tasks needed to launch your website.

Hopefully, this article about What is cPanel Hosting?, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about What Is Cryptojacking And How To Avoid It? that you may need to know. Thank you.

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