What is an API in Programming?

what is an api in programming.
What is an API in Programming

If you're a programmer you've probably heard the term API before. Or if you're new to the term, keep reading to find out what an API is in programming and how it's used.

APIs are used in web applications, financial institutions, and video games, just to name a few. Let's explore what an API is in programming and how it can be used.

What are APIs?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. APIs provide a way for separate programs to interact with each other. The API determines which requests can be made, how to make requests, and enables data exchange between different software applications.

APIs are available in three forms: public, private, and partner. The Public API (or Open API) is publicly accessible by any developer. The use of the Public API has some limitations, and it can be free or commercial. Private APIs are used exclusively within a company or organization. While the Partner API is only available to certain business partners, it is most often used to facilitate software integration between two different businesses.

You need to know that the term "API" actually has nothing to do with things related to the web, because the term existed before the web. It is kind of co-opted to mean “web service call”. But traditionally, the notion of an API is not like that. But more to do with the functions provided by the Operating System.

What is the Purpose of API Creation?

With the increasing number of applications available on various platforms, each platform requires data integration. Where later the data on the web with the data on the mobile application must be the same so that there is no duplication of data on two different platforms. Therefore, an API was created that aims to simplify the process of exchanging data between integrated applications and to speed up the development process by providing separate functions so that developers do not need to create similar features.

How are APIs Used?

APIs are used in a variety of cases that include categories such as database APIs, remote APIs, and web APIs. You have likely interacted with web APIs several times while browsing on your smartphone or computer. Web APIs exchange requests and data using the HTTP protocol.

Travel booking websites, such as Traveloka and Booking.com, use web APIs to collect flight and destination data for their customers. The convenience of the web API makes it so that you can confirm hotel room availability and the length of your stay in real-time by exchanging your requests and data from the hotel instantly.

APIs can also allow users to securely tap external data and functionality. With more than 24,000 APIs available, users can now take advantage of the functionality of apps like Google Translate without needing to retype the long and complex code to build the app.


So what is an API? API is software that allows developers to integrate and allow two different applications simultaneously to connect with each other. In short, APIs allow applications to communicate with each other.

Hopefully, this article about What is an API in Programming?, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about What is an XML file and how do you open it? that you may need to know. Thank you.

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