Understanding and Functions of Winbox for MikroTik

understanding and functions of winbox.

This time we will discuss Winbox. Winbox is very closely related to MikroTik. So we have to learn it too so as not to get confused when dealing directly with WinBox. Okay, without wasting time, let's get straight to the point, check this out!

What is Winbox?

Winbox is a utility used for MikroTik connectivity and configuration using MAC Address or IP protocol. With winbox we can configure MikroTik RouterOS and RouterBoard using GUI mode quickly and simply. Winbox is built using the win32 binary but can run on Linux, Mac OSX using Wine. All winbox functions are designed and built as closely and closely as possible to console functions, so you will find the same terms in console functions.

Winbox Functions

  * Mikrotik router settings in GUI mode

  * Set bandwidth or limit network speed

  * Blocking websites/sites

  * Speed ​​up work

  * Can remote mikrotik

  * Can Know and manage IP addresses and access to specific sites

Winbox Features

 1. Neighbors – Used to find and show MNDP (MikroTik Neighbor Discovery Protocol) or CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) devices. It is very easy to find MikroTik RouterOS devices connected to your network.

 2. Managed – Used to display Entries that have been saved.

 3. Set Master Password รข€“ Create a password to display entries in the Managed window.

 4. Connect – Used to connect to RouterOS.

 5. Add/Set – Used to save or change addresses, logins, passwords, notes, sessions and groups. The saved entries will be displayed in the Managed window.

 6. Tools – Used to perform various functions, such as importing addresses from WBX files or exporting to WBX files, moving session folders and checking for updates.

 7. Connect To – Destination IP or Router MAC Address.

 8. Login – The username used for authentication.

 9. Password – Password used for authentication.

10. Session – Used to rename the session and display the saved session.

11. Browse – Used to find and open sessions that have been saved in the .viw format

12. Notes – The description of the router to be saved to the list.

13. Group – Used to create groups and organize entries into specific groups

14. Keep Password – If checked, the password will still be saved.

15. Secure Mode – If checked, winbox will use TLS encryption to secure the session.

16. Autosave Session – If checked, Winbox will automatically save the session.

17. Open in New Window – If checked, winbox will open session in new window after pressing Connect.


So what does Winbox have to do with Mikrotik? Winbox and MikroTik are actually like Windows and Office, MikroTik has the same function as Windows, namely as a network terminal operating system. While Winbox is a utility or tool that has a more complex task because it has to remotely to a Mikrotik router using GUI mode.

Hopefully, this article about Understanding and Functions of Winbox for MikroTik gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about Understanding and Types of Computer Number Systems that you may need to know. Thank you.

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