Tricks to Add Items to the Send To Menu in Windows 7

tricks to add items to the send to menu in windows 7.

Tricks to Add Items to the Send To Menu in Windows 7

We usually use the Send To menu to move folders or data from one place to another. The place can vary, from the desktop to create shortcuts, removable media, cd drives, or certain libraries. It turns out that in Windows 7 we can display even more item options in the Send To menu, and this edition we will briefly review.

Showing additional items

We can see the Send To menu by right-clicking on a folder or file. Usually, there are 5 or 6 standard items on the menu such as Compressed (zipped) folder, Desktop (create shortcut), Documents, Fax Recipient, Mail Recipient, DVD RW Drive.

Maybe we need an additional send to location for some reason so adding an additional item to the menu is a good idea. The way to see additional items is very easy, namely by pressing the SHIFT key while right-clicking.

After that, there are additional items that we can use.

View a list of Send To menu items

Where are these items located? Open Windows Explorer and in the location bar type the following address:


After that the standard items will appear on the send to menu in Windows Explorer.

Add Items Permanently

We can already display additional items with the help of the shift key on the menusend to and also see a list of standard items on the send to menu via Windows Explorer. Then we can add new items permanently with the aim of making data management easier. Suppose we want to add a dropbox location to the send to menu because we want to move a file to the dropbox folder via the send to menu.

Still, on the standard item list location of the send to menu, drag the dropbox folder to the location of the send to item. After successfully dragging, a shortcut will appear in the directory as shown below.

That's a sign that there is an additional item in the form of a dropbox location on the send to menu. This method can also be done for other locations such as the Pictures library, Music, and other locations.


Although the Send To menu is nothing special, if we can maximize its use, we can manage data quite easily, such as moving data to a different location without having to copy-paste which is sometimes quite time-consuming. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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