Task View in Windows 10 | The method is very simple.

how to task view in windows 10.

How to Task View in Windows 10

 Task View makes it easy for you to create multiple desktops on Windows so you can share your work.

With multiple desktops, you can share the various projects you are working on, so each project has a separate desktop.

When you need to move from one task to another, you can simply switch desktops. Then, when you're done and ready to return to the previous task, you just switch back to that desktop, and everything you were working on remains on the screen.

It is a very efficient system, you will feel organized and productive.

Here's how to multi-task:

1. Click on the Task View icon in the task bar.

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2. After you click, you will see the application you opened and at the bottom right there is a plus sign and the phrase "Add desktop".

2015-11-20 15_56_35-New notification

3. Click the “Add desktop” icon to create a new desktop where you can start doing other work.

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You can also add virtual desktops with the keyboard shortcut: Windows + Ctrl + D

Hopefully, this article about Task View in Windows 10., gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about Temporary Lock Windows PC Using Command Prompt that you may need to know. Thank you.

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