Sync Cortana Reminders From Windows 10 PC to iPhone or Android Phone

sync cortana reminders from windows 10 pc to iphone or android phone.

Windows 10's Cortana virtual assistant helps you set reminders with your voice, by typing into the Cortana box on the taskbar, or from the Sticky Notes app. But this reminder usually only appears on your computer, so it can make you miss it.

The Cortana app for iPhone and Android can send push notifications on your smartphone when Cortana needs to remind you of something, so you'll get those reminders even when you're away from your computer. Reminders that you set in the Cortana app on your smartphone will also be synced back to your PC.

Install Cortana App

You need the Cortana app. On an iPhone, open the App Store, then search for “Cortana”, and install the Cortana iPhone app from Microsoft. On Android, open Google Play, search for “Cortana”, and install the Cortana Android app.

Then open the Cortana application and you will be asked to sign in. Press “Microsoft Account” and sign in with the same Microsoft account you used to log into your Windows 10 PC. If you usually sign in to a Windows 10 PC with a local user, you have to change it to a Microsoft account first.

Cortana will ask to see your location and send you a notification. Make sure to turn on notifications so you can receive notifications about reminders. You can also enable the location feature, which allows you to set a location-based reminder.

How to Use Reminder

The Cortana app brings Cortana's virtual assistant to your smartphone, so you can open it and click the microphone icon to talk to Cortana and set a reminder. But the reminders you create on your Windows PC will also sync to your phone.

To set a reminder on your PC, open Cortana (by clicking the “Ask Me Anything” box or by opening the Start menu) and then tell Cortana to set a reminder with a description and time. For example, you could say “remind me to do the laundry at 3 PM”.

Cortana will set a reminder and save it. To view the reminders you created, open the Cortana box, click the notebook icon on the left side, and click “Reminder”. You will see a list of reminders, and you can delete or add additional reminders from here.

You will see the same thing on your phone if you open the Cortana app. Open the menu at the bottom of the screen and select “All Reminders” to view all the reminders that have been set.

When it's time for the reminder to appear, you'll get a push notification from Cortana on your phone and a reminder on your PC.

How to Customize Cortana Notifications

Cortana also sends notifications about other things, including the weather, and other information. If you see a notification that you don't want, you can open the Cortana app, open the menu, and press “Notebook”. See all categories, select the type of notification you don't want. then tab and disable.

Make sure to keep notifications on in the “Meetings & reminders” category.

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