Stop Windows 10 Update so the PC Doesn't Restart Automatically | Maybe you want to try how to do it.

how to stop windows update so the pc doesnt restart automatically.

Sometimes Windows will automatically download updates and then restart. If you don't like it, then follow these steps:

Create a Restart Schedule on Windows 10

After downloading the update, Windows 10 automatically restarts your computer. You can choose the right day and time to reboot so that updates can be installed when you are not using the computer. Here's how to choose the restart time for Windows Update:

1. Select “Settings” from the Start menu.

2. Select “Updates & Security”.

3. Select “Windows Update”, then click “Advanced options”.

4. Change the dropdown from “Automatic (recommended)” to “Notify to schedule restart”.

Now, Windows will notify you in advance when an update is needed with an automatic restart and ask you to schedule a restart. You can see the option to select the time and day (up to the next 6 days) in Windows Update as below.

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