Some of the Advantages of Web Hosting

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Some of the Advantages of Web Hosting

Some of the Advantages of Web Hosting - This service is very good for you to try, because the admin himself has tried it. The host computer is configured so that when you type in a URL or domain name, it will use a pointer routine (searching the address from terminal to terminal) until it reaches the computer that is hosting your website. Then, if all is well, your website will appear on the user's screen.


1. Choosing the Type of Web Hosting Service

2. Paid Web Hosting

3. Free Web Hosting

4. Advantages of Web Hosting

5. Cost Saving

6. Customization

7. Efficiency

8. Convenience

9. Disadvantages of Web Hosting

10. Security

11. Limited Resources

12. Customer Support

13. Conclusion

Choosing the Type of Web Hosting Service

Sometimes choosing the right type of web hosting service is difficult, due to several factors such as the complexity of the website. You may not want to talk to a developer about the complexities of your website, especially when it comes to graphics and database administration. For that you should consult an internet specialist about the type of cheap web hosting that you will choose later.

In general, hosting services are divided into two types, namely paid and free hosting services. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Let's find out more.

Paid Web Hosting

Paid web hosting services have more control when you load and host websites. The price depends on how much space is needed on the server to load your application. For that you have to consider exactly what you want to put on the hosting.

Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting services are very limited. If you use this service, usually the website will have ads at the top and bottom. If you are a beginner, this might be the type of hosting service that is suitable for you to practice or test building a website.

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Advantages of Web Hosting

Cost Saving

Shared web hosting has several levels that you can choose from, from the smallest to the largest. For example, you can get your website up and running for only IDR 5-Rp 10 per month. Also with increasingly fierce competition. One can always expect additional resource levels to drop and SLAs to be tougher.


Even though resources are shared among multiple clients, this doesn't mean each client can't manage their own website. Most shared web hosting platforms come with some sort of Control Panel (cPanel) tool that allows users to customize their website.

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In addition, service providers are always busy adding new features, with the most popular wave being statistical analysis. This gives users a clearer insight into the popularity of their website.


The two most important parameters that govern website performance are disk space and bandwidth. With shared hosting, you can always purchase additional storage and bandwidth from the service provider. This way you can meet the bloated demand without wasting a lot of money or time. You also don't need to involve the support team for requests because usually portals/forums are there to solve problems without delay.


In this fast-paced world, comfort is a priority. This is a feature that has been successfully provided by web hosting. This allows users to reach much easier use of the website.

Technically you don't need to use software like Apache, MySQL, etc. And the environment is prepared. This means that a shared web hosting platform can be a huge time saver. Setting up a website is very easy and visitors can immediately visit your site within 24 hours of purchase.

Disadvantages of Web Hosting


Shared servers are highly visible to hackers and can experience significant malicious activity that could affect all client activity. Unfortunately this makes it an easy target for hackers. Worse, because you are given a platform rather than the infrastructure itself. You cannot install certain antivirus or firewalls to protect your website.

However, when you use a reputable web host, this problem is almost impossible, because they have a lot of security protocols. Admins have been using shared hosting for years and so far no issues. And if you need more security, you can use SSL. What is SSL? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer.

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Limited Resources

Using Shared Hosting service, it means all websites run on one server. For example, if a website experiences a traffic spike and the servers are not designed to handle it. The result will break other websites as well. Your website may be slow and performance limited. In the worst case, it can even cause a system crash.

Customer Support

If by chance, a customer encounters a unique issue, he or she may have to open a support ticket. Depending on the hosting plan, support may take some time to respond. Sometimes, time is of the essence and critical issues can damage a user's reputation in the market.

In such a scenario, there wasn't much to do but watch and wait. Such issues are easily handled in a Dedicated Hosting environment where there are technical personnel sitting down with the sole purpose of keeping the website up and running.


So those are some of the advantages and disadvantages of web hosting. Admin hopes that by reading this article, you can determine which hosting service is suitable for you to use. Advice from the admin is to use a hosting service that really suits the needs of your site.

Hopefully, this article about Some of the Advantages of Web Hosting, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about Speed up Windows 10 startup that you may need to know. Thank you.

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