Running Multiple Windows Applications at Once With One Click

running multiple windows applications at once with one click.

Running Multiple Windows Applications at Once With One Click

 Need multiple apps to use every day? Should you do individual clicks for your own app? If you're tired of doing that, maybe there should be an update. The author tries to offer one of the old Windows features that you may have forgotten, namely Batch.

What is Batch?

A script from Windows, containing various commands to be executed on the command line. Basically, this script can actually be applied directly to your command prompt (cmd) on Windows. But not all are the same, you can add some operation and logic functions in this file. For example, the function of looping (for), branching (if - else) and others. The function of this feature is none other than to make it easier for you to do repetitive tasks automatically. For example, checking your internet connection or calling your daily application. Batch files on windows can be known from several existences, including:

  * .bat, this existence file is able to run on all versions of Windows. where later, the file will be run directly at the windows command prompt.

  *.cmd, as well as .bat files. But there is a difference, some older versions of Windows will not be able to read this file.

  *.btm, this file is used limited to Windows server environment only.

On this occasion the author shares about how to call several applications via batch files. This will save your time more than having to do the same few clicks when opening your computer.

Creating Batch Files

You will of course have to create it to make calls to your own application. To make it you don't need to install other applications, just use notepad or wordpad on your Windows.










 @echo off

 cd "C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 2"

 start sublime_text.exe

 cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam"

 start Steam.exe


In this script, the author automates the Steam and Sublime Text applications. You can just automate other applications. If you have written the script, save it as filename.bat format (you can customize it). From the script it can be explained:

@echo off

This command is used to not display the command prompt window when the command is executed.

cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam"

This is the command to do directory switching. To call another application, you must change the directory where the application is installed.

start Steam.exe

Is a command that is used to make application calls based on the existing directory in the previous command.


command at the end.

Sometimes the default view is not as attractive as compared to customizing it yourself. In Batch usage, you can replace it with interesting icons. For icon selection you can use the default icon from the application or use another icon that you get. This time the author places the Batch application on the desktop, so that making shortcuts is easier. From here the author starts to create a shortcut for the batch, how to right click select new – Shortcut. If you have done these steps, right-click on the shortcut. Of the several options available, you should choose Properties. In the properties window, change the target to the location where you saved your previous .bat file.


To change the icon, select the change icon button. You can specify it according to what is on the system or choose another icon on your computer. 4

Hopefully, this article about Running Multiple Windows Applications at Once With One Click, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about Save Search in Windows for Quick Access Later that you may need to know. Thank you.

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