Registry Editor Trick – Showing Recycle Bin in Windows Explorer

registry editor trick showing recycle bin in windows explorer.

Registry Editor Trick – Showing Recycle Bin in Windows Explorer

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The Windows Registry may have many unsolved mysteries, especially for Microsoft Windows end users. With a few tricks and knowledge of the Windows registry, we can modify the system to something different from its default state, and this time we will be editing the registry to display the Recycle Bin in Windows Explorer. This trick can be useful for users who frequently use the Recycle bin in their daily life without having to open the Recycle bin via a desktop shortcut.

Registry backup

Before starting to make changes to the registry, we should make preparations by backing up the registry so that if there is damage to the registry, we can restore the previous registry which is still good. Open the registry editor by typing regedit in the Start Menu search box, then export the registry by accessing the File > Export menu.

Export Registry

After that, a dialog box for saving the exported registry will appear. Give it a name as you wish and it's a good idea to include the date when it was exported in the name of the backup file to make it easier to search later.

Save Exported Registry

Click Save to save.

Adding Windows Registry Key

To display the Recycle Bin in Windows Explorer, we must add a new key to the Registry. Still in the Registry Editor, navigate to the following registry address:



When the address is found, right click on NameSpace > New > Key

Add Key Namespace

Name the key with the following text to display the Recycle Bin:



If you have, then the new key will look like the following image:

Add Name Key

Results In Windows Explorer

It's time to check after adding the key to the registry. Do a refresh in Windows Explorer so that the recycle bin appears.

Recycle Bin Explorer

Now we have easier access to the Recycle Bin through Windows Explorer. Data management such as deleting and restoring data in the Recycle Bin is also faster. Good luck and hopefully useful.

Hopefully, this article about Registry Editor Trick – Showing Recycle Bin in Windows Explorer, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about Remove or Change Arrows Image on Shortcut Icons in Windows. that you may need to know. Thank you.

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