Monitoring Network Usage on Windows 10

Monitoring Network Usage on Windows 10

 If you have a limited internet quota, consider monitoring network usage to prevent overfilling your quota. In Windows 10 there are two different ways to monitor Network Usage, namely by using the Settings application and the Task Manager.

Checking Network Usage with Task Manager

1. Right-click on the taskbar, then select “Task Manager”.

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2. If you see a small version of the Task Manager, click the “More details” button in the lower left corner.

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3. Click the “App history” tab.

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4. In this section, you will see the date Windows 10 started monitoring data usage on applications on your computer. You can also click the “Delete usage history” link to reset data usage, but this will reset every 30 days automatically.

What's useful for you is the “Network” column, with this you can track data usage for each application on your computer.

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Checking Network Usage from Settings

1. Use Windows Key + I shortcut to open settings.

2. Click “Network & internet”.

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3. Click “Data usage”. Under Overview, you can see the total data usage from the last 30 days when using Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections.

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4. Click the “Usage details” link to view data usage for all applications on your computer.

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