Monitor Your Windows Computer Activity at a Specific Time | Try out how to do it.

how to monitor your windows computer activity at a specific time.

How to Monitor Your Windows Computer Activity at a Specific Time

 Sometimes you like to wonder if something could have been done to your computer without your knowledge when you're not around. There's an easy way to find out what's running in Winows while you're away. Here's how to monitor your computer activity:

1. You can use Windows Event Viewer to do this. First, right-click the start menu, then select “Control Panel”

2. Then select "System and Security".


3. Select “Administrative Tools”.


4. Double-click “Event viewer”.


5. In the left pane go to Windows Log > System.

6. In the right pane, you will see a list of events that occur when Windows is running.


7. Click on the “Event ID” label to filter data from the Event ID column.

8. There is a possibility that your event log will be very long, so you need to create a filter. From the Actions panel on the right, click “Filter current log”.

9. Type 6005, 6006 in the unlabeled box (see image below):


10. Click “OK”. (NOTE: It may take some time for the Event viewer to display the filtered logs)


  * Event ID 6005 means “When the event log service starts” (start up time).

  * Event ID 6006 means “When event log service is stopped” (shut down time).

  * You can also add Event ID 6013 to your filter. It displays the event when the system after booting.

Hopefully, this article about Monitor Your Windows Computer Activity at a Specific Time, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about Monitoring Network Usage on Windows 10 that you may need to know. Thank you.

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