Microsoft Store on Windows 10 | Here are 15 ways to activate

how to access windows store on windows 10.

How to Activate Microsoft Store on Windows 10

Your Microsoft Store on Windows 10 is not active or can't be opened on Windows 10? Don't panic. We will discuss how to activate Microsoft Store on Windows 10 which you can try so you can download various applications through the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10.

As we know, Microsoft Store is a place on Windows 10 that is useful for getting various modern applications like on other platforms like Android and iOS and you can install them on your Windows 10.

At the Microsoft Store, besides being able to install various applications and games, you can also buy movies and hardware devices from Microsoft such as Microsoft Surface and even Windows 10 Laptops.

Behind its various advantages, unfortunately, sometimes the Microsoft Store experiences problems such as inactivity or force close, aka closing itself, or cannot be opened in Windows 10.

Well, for that Brains this time will share how to activate the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 so that you can open it for use. Besides that, it can also be a solution when you fail to open the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10.

How to Activate Microsoft Store

Here are some ways to activate the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 and how to fix or fix the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 that can't be opened sorted by tools, programs, or features that help from opening to activating the Microsoft Store on Windows 10.

1. Start Menu

How to activate or open the Microsoft Store application on Windows 10 This one is the easiest way you can do it. You just click the Start Menu, then select App List or the list of applications on your Windows 10, scroll to the application section with the first letter name M, then you will find the Microsoft Store. All you have to do is click to open it.

2. Search

This method is also an easy one, you just have to type in keywords or keywords: Microsoft Store or Store in the search field or search in the Start Menu then press the Enter key to open the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. For example, as shown below.

3. Windows Run

This method is almost the same as using the Search feature in Windows 10. You just have to open Windows Run by pressing the Windows key + R on your computer keyboard, then type: ms-windows-store: and press the Enter key on the keyboard or select OK. Later the Microsoft Store application will immediately open on your Windows 10.

4. Command Prompt

Opening the Microsoft Store with Command Prompt or CMD the way is first you press the Windows Key + R on the keyboard after Run program window appears, type: cmd, then click OK or you can press the Enter key.

After the CMD window opens, you type: start ms-windows-store: then press the Enter key, then the Microsoft Store application will open. Actually, the command is almost the same as using Windows Run, the difference is that we add the word start.

ATTENTION: Once you know how to open the Microsoft Store, you can use it. But when the Microsoft Store is open but not active or you can't use the services or features in the Microsoft Store program, then you use the following steps.

5. Sign Up

If your Microsoft Store application is not active, it might be because you haven't logged into your Microsoft account or maybe you haven't signed up for a Microsoft account. Well, you should log in or register first on a Microsoft account.

To do this, make sure your computer or laptop is connected to the internet. After the Microsoft Store application opens, you must first log in to your Microsoft account to be able to access features or services in the Microsoft Store program.

If you don't have a Microsoft account, you can register it through this site. After logging in or registering an account, you can try opening the Microsoft Store application.

6. Troubleshooter Features

You can solve Microsoft Store Inactivity with the help of the Windows default feature, namely the Troubleshooter which is usually useful for finding out the causes and how to solve problems that appear on Windows systems.

To do it yourself, follow these steps:

  • First, you type: Troubleshoot in Windows search field or Start Menu, after seeing the Troubleshoot results, you open or click.
  • In Troubleshoot, scroll down or scroll down to find Windows Store Apps. Once found you click or open.

Then you wait for the problem identification process to complete. When it's done, you'll see some things that need to be done to fix the problems. You just follow these steps to fix your problematic Microsoft Store.

7. Reset Cache

The Microsoft Store includes applications that run using cached data. Usually the problem is that the Microsoft Store is not active because of Cache, when this application is opened, certain error messages appear such as "Windows Store cache may be damaged". It means the application has a problem with its Cache.

Therefore we have to reset the Cache data to fix it. The steps are easy, here's how:

  • First, press Windows Key + R on the keyboard.
  • Then after the Windows Run window appears, type: WSReset.exe and select OK or press the Enter key.

Before the reset process, a black window like CMD will appear. This process only takes a few moments. After the reset process is complete, the reset window will close itself and the Microsoft Store application will open itself automatically.

You can also use a cache reset to solve problems that appear with error codes: 0x80072ee7, 0x000001f7, 0xc03f40c8, 0x803f8001, 0x87e10bd0, 0x80073cf9, 0x80131505.

8. Clear Cache

To overcome the Microsoft Store that cannot be opened, you can also clear the cache in the registry. For those of you who don't know how, here's how to clear the cache in the registry:

  • First, type CMD in the search field or search in the Start Menu and press the Enter key.
  • After the CMD window opens, type: wmic useraccount get name,sid then press the Enter key.

  • Then a list of registered users or usernames will appear on the computer, you must first minimize this CMD window and leave it.
  • Next, press the Windows key + R on the keyboard. After the Windows Run window appears, type: regedit and click OK.
  • After the Registry Editor window appears. Go to this directory: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Appx\AppxAllUserStore.
  • Later, a folder named according to the username in the previous CMD window will appear. You delete the cache folder by right-clicking then selecting delete.
  • Then close all existing windows and restart your computer.

After turning it on again, open the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10, hopefully, it can be actively used.

9. New Cache

In this way, you have to create a new cache folder to store the old cached data.

This is important because if the cache directory does not exist, later the work of the Microsoft Store will not be optimal, even when accessed, a warning "Windows store cache may be damaged" will appear.

After doing method number 8 earlier by clearing the cache, create a new folder by going to this directory: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.WindowsStore_ (Here is a special code usually)

Then after you enter that directory, open the Localstate folder and look for the cache folder. If you have found it, rename it to cache.old.

After doing these steps, you restart the computer to see the results from this method. Open the Microsoft Store after restarting, hopefully, it can be opened and can be actively used.

3 ways to fix Microsoft Store using Cache above can also solve the problem with the warning: Microsoft Store Not Downloading.

10. Setting Region

Apparently, the Microsoft Store can not be opened if the settings in Windows are wrong. One of the wrong settings that can prevent the Microsoft Store from opening on Windows 10 is if the regional settings don't match what the Microsoft Store asks for.

The best way to match the settings that the Microsoft Store asks for is to set it to a typical region which is the United States. The way to change it is as follows:

  • First, click the Start Menu, in the search column you type: region, after the Region appears, you click or open.
  • Then on the Region menu in the Country or region column, you change it to United States. And also in the Regional format column you must make sure it contains Recommended [English (United States)], if not then change it like that.

After changing the Region settings, Restart your computer. After restarting, open the Microsoft Store application on your Windows 10 again and make sure the application is running properly and normally.

11. Reset Microsoft Store

By resetting the Microsoft Store application, you can also solve the problem of the Microsoft Store that cannot be opened. Here's how to reset the Microsoft Store:

  • First, click the Start Menu, then open Settings.
  • Then in Settings, you navigate to the Apps section. In the Apps section, select the Apps & features option.
  • On the right side of Apps & features, you scroll or swipe down until you find the Microsoft Store app. Once found, right click and select Advanced options.
  • In the Advanced Options option, scroll down and you will find the Reset option and click the Reset section. Later a small window will appear asking for Reset permission, you just click Reset.

After the Reset process is complete, you can try to open the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 whether it can be opened or active or not. Oh yes, you need to know, that all settings in the Microsoft Store application will be deleted after resetting, so you need to set or reconfigure again. In addition, this Reset Microsoft Store method can solve the problem when a warning always appears: Microsoft Store Not Downloading.

12. Windows PowerShell

To solve Microsoft Store problems or errors, you can also use Windows PowerShell which looks not much different from CMD. The steps for fixing Microsoft Store errors with Windows PowerShell are as follows:

  • First, click the Start Menu, in the search field, you type: Windows PowerShell and after it appears there is Windows PowerShell you click or open.

  • Once open, copy or copy the code below and enter it into the Windows PowerShell that is already open by right-clicking and selecting paste or paste and pressing the Enter key.

Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

  • Later, an automatic scanning process will run and Windows PowerShell will fix any problems or errors.
  • If the above method fails, you close the Windows PowerShell and then open it again by right-clicking and selecting Run as administrator. After opening Windows PowerShell, paste or paste the code below then press the Enter key:

Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

  • Failed again? Open Windows PowerShell again from scratch then enter or paste the code below and press Enter key:

((Get-ChildItem “HKLM:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Appx\AppxAllUserStore\InboxApplications”) | Get-ItemProperty).Path | Add-AppxPackage -Register -DisableDevelopmentMode

Of the 3 ways with the 3 codes above, at least one of them will work, if not, do the next step.

13. Turn off VPN & Proxy

If your computer or laptop is used using a VPN when opening the Microsoft Store application, it's a good idea to turn off your VPN first and use the default IP from your ISP. Because it could be your active VPN that makes Microsoft store errors or problems.

Likewise, with VPNs, Proxies can also create errors in the Microsoft Store. If you use a proxy, don't use it first, after setting it up not using a proxy, try opening the Microsoft Store application again, hopefully it can be used normally again.

14. Disable Antivirus.

The next way you can try is to disable the antivirus or firewall or protection applications on your computer.

Why? Because often antivirus or other protection programs block internet connections in order to protect your computer or laptop from dangerous attacks such as viruses or malware.

Well, sometimes the antivirus even blocks access to the Microsoft Store that is connected to the internet. So it makes the Microsoft Store when it is opened unusable or inactive. To overcome this, you only need to disable the antivirus, firewall or protection application on your computer or laptop.

After you disable the existing antivirus or protection application, try opening the Microsoft Store application on your Windows 10 computer, hopefully, it can be used normally. If not, do the next workaround.

15. Remove Windows Activator

This method is used for those of you who use the Cracked version of Windows 10 or use Activator aka pirated. This version of Windows is usually when you open the Microsoft Store, it is Force Close or suddenly stops and closes itself.

In addition, this version of Windows also often uses an activator like KMSpico or Cracked so usually it doesn't want to update Windows, this is what makes the Microsoft Store not active, run or open because the Microsoft Store also needs an internet connection and is connected to a server at Microsoft, meaning your computer Microsoft will detect whether it is genuine or pirated.

This is sometimes the same as the Activator program or the Cracked code is made so that it cannot connect to Microsoft so that it is not detected as pirated or cracked, but this also makes the Microsoft Store unable to be opened.

Then you should use the original or original Windows 10 and not pirated so that you can enjoy the Microsoft Store application and to overcome the Microsoft Store Not Installing on your PC who is experiencing this problem because it could be because your Windows 10 is not original aka Crack or Pirated to be a Microsoft Store not installed.

16. Reinstall Windows

Now, this is the last resort if your Microsoft Store still has an error because it could be that your Windows system file has an error, causing the Microsoft Store application to crash and cannot be used. This method also supports method number 15 if you use pirated or Cracked Windows 10 or use the Activator program for activation, you should reinstall your Windows 10 with original or original Windows.

There are many who sell original or original Windows 10 at low prices, aka cheap and can make you access the Microsoft Store application on Windows 10. You can look for them in marketplaces or online stores like Tokopedia or Shopee, usually, there are those who sell them. 

This method is powerful enough to overcome your problematic Microsoft Store or to overcome Microsoft Store Not Installing on your Windows 10 due to Windows 10 on your PC that is not genuine or original or pirated.

Hopefully, this article about Microsoft Store on Windows 10, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about Miracast VS Anycast VS Ezcast VS Chromecast: Which to Choose that you may need to know. Thank you.

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