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how to make the windows 10 taskbar transparent.

How to Make the Windows 10 Taskbar Transparent

 By default the Windows taskbar can be set to be slightly transparent and colorful. And you can also increase transparency with a registry hack. But you can't make the tasbar completely transparent, so only the icons are visible on the wallpaper.

However, by installing TransparentTB – a free and open source application that allows you to set your taskbar to be completely transparent. This application can also blur the taskbar, and even replace it with any color you want.

To get started, Download the latest version of TransparentTB. TransparentTB will appear as a ZIP file. You need to unzip and place the EXE wherever you like.

2017-02-08 16_18_45-TranslucentTB.2017.2

We recommend that you save this application in your user directory, but you can also place it in the C drive directory. Wherever you place this application, log in and open the application. You will immediately see the effects that appear, such as the taskbar becomes blurred.

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You'll see the app's icon in the system tray, which offers two main options: Blur or Clear.

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The Transparent (Clear) option is a great choice if you want to see the entire wallpaper on the screen. While the Blur option is suitable if you want the taskbar to be different, but still want to see colors that are consistent with what is on the wallpaper.

How to Run TransparentTB When the Computer is Booted

You can also run TransparentTB when you boot Windows. First, press Windows key and R to start the Run command.


Type “shell:startup” and press Enter. A File Explorer window will open to the Startup folder. Drag the TransparentTB executable to this folder with the right mouse button.


When you release the mouse button, several options will appear. Select “Create shortcuts here”.


You have created a shortcut to the executable in the startup folder, which means it will launch on boot.

Accessing Few Additional Options

If you want TranslucentTB launch as transparent, not blurry, then you need to learn a bit about command prompt options. Here is a summary:

–blur makes the taskbar blurry, which is also the default.

–opaque makes the taskbar a single solid color (no transparency.) By default it is black, but you can change it using –tint.

–transparent makes the taskbar transparent. With –tint you can add a little highlight color.

–tint allows you to choose a color that works with the –opaque or transparent options (does not work with –blur.) You need a hex code for the color you want.

To test, try to open a command prompt and go to the folder where you saved the application using cd. Then try running TranslucentTB.exe followed by the options you want. For example, if you want the taskbar to be transparent, this is the command:

TranslucentTB.exe --transparent

If you used the steps above to make TranslucentTB start on boot, you can add this option to that shortcut. Just right-click on the shortcut, then click “Properties.”

2017-02-08 16_29_47-New notification

Now, in the “target” box, you can add options to run. Like this:

The program will now start on boot with the options of your choice.

Hopefully, this article about Make the Windows 10 Taskbar Transparent, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about Make Windows 10 Wallpaper High Quality Again that you may need to know. Thank you.

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