Install Windows 8 from internal HDD | How to do it is easy.

how to install windows 8 from internal hdd.

From Internal HDD

Note: for the initial stage you need another OS on another HDD or you can try using mini XP.

1. Prepare 2 Partitions 1 and 2

Partition 1: for Windows Setup, 5 GB is also enough

Partition 2: To install Windows....depending on's up to you how many GB you want to give, but the min is 20 GB

Partition 1, "set as Active" (primary partition)

Partition 2, Primary Partition

2. Copy all files from the Windows installer DVD to Partition 1 (I directly extracted it from the ISO)

3. Boot from the HDD that was prepared earlier

When booting directly into windows setup

4. Install windows on Partition 2

After finished installing:

so there are 2 options, so if you want to enter...just choose the windows setup

don't bother

make sure 1 is automatically hidden with windows

I hope this helps

Hopefully, this article about Install Windows 8 from internal HDD, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about Install Windows from USB that you may need to know. Thank you.

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