How to Use TOR Browser On Android

how to use tor browser on android.

Tor Browser is the most popular method in the world to access the dark web. Most people use Tor Browser on their regular computers. That's because it's easier to use and make sure everything is working properly than on mobile.

However, the Android version of Tor Browser does exist. Tor has released an Android version, but it's not the only option. This time the admin will share how to use the Tor browser on Android correctly and safely?

What is Android Tor Browser?

For years, Tor Browser users have been asking for an official Android version. Their wish came true in September 2018, when Tor Blog announced the alpha release of Tor Browser for Android.

The Tor Project recognizes that mobile browsing is not only increasing, but in some parts of the world, it's the only way to get online. At the same time, online surveillance and censorship is on the rise, especially in areas where mobile internet access is the norm.  This resulted in the first official Android Tor Browser.

Android Tor Browser has everything you'd expect:

  • Blocks third-party trackers and other forms of surveillance
  • Stop unique browser fingerprint
  • Layered encryption to protect your data
  • Using the Tor network to keep data sources safe
  • Allows access to websites censored by ISP
  • Allows access to hidden Tor services

Most importantly, the new official Tor Browser Android app will be updated frequently. This means that the official app will receive security and feature enhancements. The alternatives, as you will read below, will not.

What Are Orfox And Orbot?

Before the official release of Android Tor Browser, there was Orfox and Orbot.

  • Orfox is the Tor Browser version that the Tor Project recommended prior to its official release.
  • Orbot is a proxy app that routes your mobile data through the Tor network.

Guardian Project worked with Tor Project to develop this app, which will allow Android users to access the Tor network. However, with the release of the official stable Android Tor Browser, Orfox will be phased out and stop receiving updates. For now, Orfox will still be on Google Play.

Unlike Orfox, Orbot will remain available and still receive occasional updates. You can use it for other apps on your Android device to direct their traffic through Orbot, such as a VPN.

Orbot has several handy features that set it apart from a regular VPN. For example, Orbot encrypts your traffic, then passes through multiple nodes spread across the globe. In contrast, your regular VPN encrypts your data but then connects you directly.

This configuration has a big difference in speed. There is a high chance that your regular VPN is much faster than Orbot. Orbot node routing means it takes longer for your data to find its destination. It is more secure, but slower.

The first few alpha versions of the official Android Tor Browser required the Orbot app to route traffic through the Tor network. However, the latest version can now route traffic through Tor without Orbot.

How To Use Tor Browser On Android

Now you know why the official Tor Browser development for Android is great for privacy and security. Next, let's see how you can set it up. Follow these steps:

  1. On your Android device, open Google Play. Find the official Tor Browser and install the app. The official version has a purple onion logo. (The Alpha test version has a green onion logo)
  2. When the app is open, press Connect. The connection process may take a minute or longer, depending on your network connection.
  3. Once connected, it's a good idea to run a test. There are two simple ways to test if your connection is routed through the Tor network.
    • Type what is my IP in the Tor Browser's search bar. DuckDuckGo will display the IP address from which the search query came. You can tap on any of the links to find out where exactly your data came from.
    • Go to Hidden Wiki. Hidden Wiki is a kind of directory for the dark web. This is an onion site, meaning if you have a normal browser configuration, you won't be able to access it.
  4. Now you are using the official Android Tor Browser correctly and safely.

Tor Browser Android Security Settings

Many people don't recommend configuring Tor Browser's default settings. That applies to Android, desktop, or otherwise. A misconfigured Tor Browser can expose your data, making you less secure.

Having said that, there is one security setting that you should stick to. The Tor Security Level slider allows you to adjust your browser's security settings to the following levels:

  • Standard: All Tor Browser and website features are enabled.
  • Safer: Disables frequently harmful website features. This includes JavaScript on non-HTTPS sites, some fonts and symbols, and all audio and video media being click-to-play.
  • Safest: Only allow website features that are necessary for static sites and basic services. This includes JavaScript on all sites, fonts, icons, math symbols, and images. All audio and video media is click-to-play.

If you want to use Tor Browser as your daily browser, Standard will allow you to browse the clearnet (that's the regular internet, not the dark) almost as usual. You might run into some issues, as certain sites complain if you don't allow tracking.

If you want to increase your privacy, check out the Safer and Safest options. These options make browsing the clearnet difficult because the number of sites that rely on JavaScript for at least some of their development is very large.

To change the level of your slider, tap the three-dot icon at the top right of the Tor Browser, then select Security Settings.

Should You Use a VPN With Tor?

The admin will advise you to use a VPN with Tor, on your desktop and mobile devices. If the Tor network connection drops, the VPN will at least provide a second layer of security for your data. It will take extra time to load websites and services, but it greatly increases your privacy. As such, it somewhat depends on what you're using Tor for.

If you use Tor to access censored data or other sensitive matters, then yes, make sure you always use a VPN other than Tor. The extra time it takes to load the site is better than your data falling into the wrong hands.

And if you're going to use a VPN, make sure to use the paid option. Because by using a paid VPN you won't log any logs and will always protect your privacy. Free VPNs will always track your data.

Is Tor The Best Browser For Android?

Tor Project Android Tor Browser is still having a bit of a problem. For example, you can read in the Google Play app that some Android Q users are having issues. Others report that you can't see the route your data is taking between your device and the site, while other comments suggest their device can't establish a connection at all.

After all, these are all issues that the Tor Project will fix over time. Also, there are a lot of users who are used to Orfox, so it will take some time for everyone to switch. But for now, the Android Tor Browser has become the best way to go. access Tor on your Android device.

Hopefully, this article about How To Use Tor Browser On Android, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about How to View WiFi Passwords on Android Phones Without Root (100% Work) that you may need to know. Thank you.

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