How to Upgrade & Downgrade MikroTik RouterOS

how to upgrade downgrade mikrotik.

 How to Upgrade & Downgrade MikroTik RouterOS

How to Upgrade & Downgrade MikroTik RouterOS

There are times when we have to upgrade and downgrade our router version. Upgrading is done when we need new features from Mikrotik and we do downgrade when the latest version is not very compatible with our device. This time the admin will share with you how to upgrade or downgrade MikroTik.

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1. Upgrade MikroTik Version

2. Downgrade MikroTik Version

3. How to Quickly Upgrade MikroTik

MikroTik Version Upgrade

1. First, we first download the file from then go to the Software menu > Download ArchiveÂ

2. After that we look for the version that we want and that matches the architecture of our RouterBoard, then we download the file.

Download MikroTik RouterOS Package

Note: there are two types of files, there are npk and zip, for the npk, it has a parent and the zip, we can arrange it according to our wishes. Select a package that you will install.

NPK And ZIP File Types On MikroTik

3. After downloading, we first extract the file that we downloaded, then we drag and drop the extracted file to Winbox.

Drag And Drop File Upgrade To Winbox

5. After that the router will upload the file.

MikroTik Router Uploading Files

6. Next we reboot the router.

Reboot MikroTik Router

7. If we can check the MikroTik Router version at the top of the Winbox. If the MikroTik Router version has changed, it means we have successfully upgraded our Router version.

Check MikroTik Router Version

MikroTik Version Downgrade

For Downgrade the concept is the same but there is only one step added.

1. First we download the file as usual at

2. Here the admin uses version 6.42.11 as an example.

3. Next we just drag and drop the files in the zip.

Drag And Drop Downgrade Files To Winbox

4. Make sure all the files that have been entered into the router and do not reboot first

Ensure All Files Enter the Router

5. Go to the System menu > Package and then click on the “Downgrade� tab.

MikroTik Router Downgrade

6. When we click downgrade a reboot warning will appear then select yes to reboot the router.

MikroTik Router Downgrade Warning

7. We wait and then we login again in the Winbox and see the version at the top of the Winbox or in the Packages menu. If the version of MikroTik has changed, it means that we have successfully downgraded the MikroTik Router version.

Check MikroTik RouterOS Version

Note: If a feature is missing, it could be that the feature was left behind when it was installed. The solution is that we repeat again from uploading the file again.

How to Quickly Upgrade MikroTik

Actually there is an easier way to upgrade the MikroTik Router version,

1. First we have to connect the Router to the internet then go to the System menu > Package then click the “Check For Updates� tab.

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Check For Updates MikroTik Router

2. Then we click the Check For Updates tab.

Check For Updates MikroTik Version

3. Later there will be two options, namely Download or Download & Install.

MikroTik Router Updates

If we choose Download, the Router will only download the file, but if we click Download & Install then the Router will download the file and then it will be installed automatically.

Hopefully, this article about How to Upgrade & Downgrade MikroTik RouterOS, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about How To Use Chmod For Access Rights On Linux that you may need to know. Thank you.

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