If your right-click “Open With” menu is getting full and messy, why not get rid of the unused entries? With a few Registry changes, this is pretty easy to do.

The “Open With” menu is a useful feature that lets you open files with several program options. Whenever you open a file with a particular program, that program is added to the “Open With” context menu for that file type. If you've ever accidentally opened a file with the wrong program or with a program you no longer use, you can remove it from the “Open with” context menu.

Before we begin, please note that some Microsoft built-in programs cannot be uninstalled this way. For example, in the PNG image file type, Microsoft Paint and Photos will always be on the "Open With" menu. Even if you delete the entries with the procedure below, the program will still be in the “Open With” menu. This procedure only works on third-party programs.

1. Open the Registry Editor by hitting Start and typing “regedit.” Press Enter to open the Registry Editor and give it permission to make changes to your PC.


2. In the Registry Editor, use the left sidebar to navigate to the following path:



3. In the “FileExts” key, you will see a list of all file extensions registered on your PC. This might be a pretty long list. Find the key with the file extension name for the file type you want to convert. Under that key, click the “OpenWithList” subkey.


4. On the right side of the Registry Editor, you will see an alphabetical list of name values. The “Data” column in each key shows the program that appears on the “Open With” menu. Just right-click on the program you want to remove then select the “Delete” option. If you accidentally delete a program entry, you can still restore it simply by opening the file with the program again.


5. When the Registry Editor asks if you are sure you want to delete this, click “Yes.”


6. Repeat these steps for other programs that you want to remove from the “Open With” menu for each file type. Once done, you can close the Registry Editor and don't need to restart the computer. Try checking the “Open With” menu and you will see that the programs you have removed will no longer appear.

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