How to Make Your Telegram Stickers Without Complicated

how to make your telegram stickers.

 How to Make Your Own Telegram Stickers Without Complicated

How to Make Telegram Stickers

Stickers are now indeed one of the advantages that are highlighted in the competition between chat applications such as Telegram. Stickers refer to funny pictures that are expressive and can be used to show mood. Learn how to make your own Telegram stickers!

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Telegram stickers are someone's way of having an entire conversation in the form of cool graphics, memes or movie quotes. And all that is possible because Telegram allows its users to create their own stickers. This article will discuss a guide on how to make Telegram stickers.


1. How to Make Telegram Stickers

2. Step 1: Design the Sticker

3. Step 2: Find Telegram Sticker Bot

4. Step 3: Upload Telegram Stickers

5. How to Share Telegram Stickers?

6. Conclusion

How to Make Telegram Stickers

The best thing about creating Telegram stickers is that you don't have to have a developer account or go through some lengthy requirements. You just simply send the image to the bot. So, if you want to know how to make Telegram stickers, follow this guide.

Step 1: Design Stickers

Design Stickers

You don't need to be a professional graphic designer to make Telegram stickers. Because some of the best Telegram stickers are funny meme-like creations, put together from quotes and photos. Even basic design skills are enough for that.

The stickers that you create must follow the unified design requirements. Don't worry though, because it's very simple:

  * Telegram stickers must be a PNG image, with a transparent background, and must be 512 x 512 pixels in size.

  * Each sticker must be a separate image file. Designing and uploading will be much easier on a desktop than a mobile device, so you may want to use Telegram for Mac, Telegram for Windows, or Telegram Web.

  * The icon for your sticker pack is optional. If you want to have it, design a 100 x 100 PNG image with a transparent layer.

It's important to understand that using things like movie quotes to create stickers is copyright infringement. Yes, that's how memes are created, but unlike memes, your sticker pack will likely be removed from Telegram if the copyright owner complains.

The average Telegram sticker pack includes between 10 and 20 stickers, but you are not limited to uploading stickers. Some packs have over 100 stickers, and you can keep coming back and adding new ones even after you publish them.

Step 2: Find Telegram Sticker Bot

After your Telegram sticker is ready to be published, find the Telegram sticker bot. You can do this by following the link above or by opening Telegram and typing “stickers” in the search field. Click on the chat and you will see a list of commands you can use:

Telegram Sticker Bot

  * /newpack to create a new Telegram sticker pack.

  * /addsticker to add a sticker to an existing pack.

  * /delsticker to remove the sticker from the pack.

  * /ordersticker to rearrange stickers in one pack.

  * /stats to get usage statistics for a specific sticker.

  * /top to see the top sticker in the pack.

  * /packstats to get statistics on usage of sticker packs.

  * /packtop to view the top pack stickers.

  * /cancel to cancel any command you just used.

Step 3: Upload Telegram Stickers

Telegram's sticker bot makes it easy for its users to upload and publish their designs. Here's what you need to do:

How to Make Telegram Stickers

 1. Type the command /newpack and press Enter on your keyboard.

2. The sticker bot will ask for the name of your pack. Type in a name and submit.

 3. Now click on the File icon to upload your first sticker. You have to upload it as a file, not a photo and then uncheck the Compress images section.

 4. The bot will ask you to assign an emoji to your sticker. Select the emoji that best matches the sticker and press Enter to send it. You can assign multiple, but Telegram recommends no more than two emojis per sticker.

 5. Repeat steps 3-4 for each Telegram sticker you want to add.

 6. When finished, type the command /publish and send it.

 7. If you want to add an icon to your sticker pack, upload it like you upload the rest of the images and send it to the bot. If you don't have an icon, just send the /skip command, and your first sticker will become the icon for this pack.

 8. Finally, send the bot a short name for your sticker pack to use in the URL. For example, what is used here is “footballstickersidâ€�, so the URL is

 9. Done! Click the link to your Telegram sticker pack to see what it all looks like.

How to Make Telegram Stickers

How to Share Telegram Stickers?

How to Share Telegram Stickers

Telegram doesn't have a sticker store or any other way for people to browse through all the stickers. But don't worry because there are other ways to share Telegram stickers. When you click on the URL of the pack you created earlier, you will see two ways to start sharing Telegram stickers.

  * Share: This will forward the link to your pack to your chosen Telegram contact or group.

  * Add Stickers: This will add the pack to your collection, so you can send individual stickers to your Telegram contacts. Your friends can then view and add packs by tapping on the sticker you sent.


So that was the guide on how to make Telegram stickers. With stickers in your chat application. This can make the chat atmosphere more exciting, refine the content of criticism, or break up a rigid chat atmosphere. Stickers can be useful if used in the right circumstances.

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Hopefully, this article about How to Make Your Telegram Stickers Without Complicated, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about How to Manage Users and Groups on Linux OS that you may need to know. Thank you.

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