Find Your MAC Address in Windows 10 | Maybe you want to try how to do it.

How to Find Your MAC Address in Windows 10

 Every device with a network, like the Wi-Fi adapter on your laptop, has a hardware ID called a MAC address (or “media access control”). You can find MAC address on Windows 10 in just a few steps.

If you are setting up a router, you can use MAC address filters to determine which devices are allowed to connect to the network based on their MAC addresses. (However, this is not a solid way to secure your network, as MAC addresses can be changed easily).

How to Find Your MAC Address with Command Prompt

1. Right-click on the Start button and select Command Prompt from the menu.

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2. Type “ipconfig /all” and press Enter. This will display your network configuration.

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3. Find the physical address on your adapter. Scroll down to your network adapter and look at the number next to “Address,” this is your MAC address.

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How to find your MAC address in Network Connection Settings

1. Search for “network connections” on the taskbar and select “View network connections”.

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2. Right click on your network connection and select “Status”.

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3. Click “Details“.

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4. Find the physical address. The number next to the physical address in the Network Connection Details window is your MAC address.

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