Enable 'Hey Cortana' Feature on Windows 10 | You can definitely do it yourself.

How to Enable the 'Hey Cortana' Feature on Windows 10

By default, the Windows 10 voice assistant Cortana won't work until you click on its search box. However, with a simple setting change, you can enable a mode where Windows 10 will always be on standby to listen for commands and start voice commands by simply saying “Hey Cortana“.

1. Click the Cortana button in the menu next to the “Start” button.

2. Click the menu icon in the upper right corner of this Cortana window. The symbol is three lines.

3. Select “Notebooks”.

4. Select “Settings”.

5. Slide “Let Cortana respond to ‘Hey Cortana'” to ON

Now when you say “Hey Cortana” into the microphone, you can immediately add commands like “what's the weather like today?” and you will get some results. If you just say “Hey Cortana,” the assistant will reply with “what do you want me to do.”

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