How to Activate Windows 10 Laptop Camera

how to activate windows 10 laptop camera.

Don't know how to activate the Windows 10 laptop camera? Don't worry, because in this post the admin will show you how to activate it.

In times, webcams have become an important part of our lives. If the PC or laptop camera is not working, it can make some activities or work disrupted. Luckily, getting the camera on your computer to work properly doesn't require a lot of steps. Follow the instructions below to find out how to activate the Windows 10 laptop camera.

How to Activate Windows 10 Laptop Camera

To activate your laptop's webcam/camera on Windows 10, press Win + S key, type “Camera“, and select the most suitable option to open Windows Camera App. The camera will automatically start when you do this.

Third-party apps require permission to use the camera. If the camera doesn't work in a third-party app like Zoom or Google Meet, check to see if it has the necessary permissions.

To check camera permissions, go to Settings> Privacy, and select Camera from the left pane. Next, scroll down and grant camera permissions to third-party apps by enabling the slider.

Now, go back and see if the camera turns on. If the camera still won't turn on, you need to do a little troubleshooting.

How to Overcome Laptop Camera Not Working

If the Windows 10 laptop camera that you are using is not working, you can use the following method to solve the problem.

Install All Windows Updates

Microsoft updates Windows quite often. This update may include a patch for the camera app. Failure to install this update can cause the camera app to crash, among other problems. As a precaution, you should keep all available updates installed.

If you missed an update, you should download and install it as soon as possible. The admin also recommends making sure that the drivers for your camera are also up to date.

After installing the possible Windows updates and updating the drivers, restart your PC and try starting the camera again. If this still doesn't work, you may have a hardware problem with your laptop.

Solving Camera Hardware Problems

Check if the camera is activated. Many laptops are equipped with a physical kill button that physically disables the camera. We suggest you check to make sure that you didn't accidentally disable the camera.

If you are using an external webcam, make sure all the cables are properly connected. If the webcam comes with an app, open it and try to troubleshoot it from there.

Application To Activate Laptop Camera

Every laptop is usually equipped with a default camera application. However, the default camera app sometimes has very few features. In addition, the quality of the photos and videos produced is also not satisfactory. For that, you can replace the default application by using the following third-party applications.


YouCam is one of the recommended applications for those of you who need a camera application on a PC or laptop. This application is quite interesting because you can use about 200 effects to get unique image results. In fact, YouCam is also equipped with various features that can make it easier for users.


Manycam is a camera app that is rich in stickers and effects. This application has a number of tools to edit and insert various kinds of stickers on the user's photos. In addition to taking pictures, the ManyCam application can also be used to record videos with resolutions, 240p, 480p, HD, Full HD, and many other options.


SplitCam is an all-in-one webcam app. Because by using this application, users can stream to several chat applications at once such as Skype, Windows Live Messenger, YouTube, and other messenger applications.


So that's how to activate a Windows 10 laptop camera. Actually, Windows makes it quite easy to manage your webcam/laptop camera. But if something goes wrong, all you have to do is update everything, including the drivers needed for the webcam. And, as always, don't. never forgot to restart the PC after updating it.

Hopefully, this article about How to Activate Windows 10 Laptop Camera, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about How to Block Sites and File Extensions With MikroTik Web Proxy that you may need to know. Thank you.

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