How Much RAM Does a PC Need Today?

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 How Much RAM Does a PC Need Today?

How Much RAM Is Needed

You may already know that RAM is an important component in a computer, but do you know how much RAM a PC needs today? So let's find out how much RAM is appropriate for different types of users, and some suggestions if you need more RAM.

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1. What is RAM (Random Access Memory)?

2. How Much RAM Do I Have?

3. Windows

4. MAC

5. Linux

6. Another Way

7. How Much Computer RAM Do I Need?

8. 2GB RAM: Less

9. 4GB RAM: Enough For Basic Use

10. 8GB RAM: Good Standard

11. 16GB RAM: Good For Heavy Work

12. 32GB+ Memory: Fan Only

13. Don't Forget To Upgrade Other Computer Components

What is RAM (Random Access Memory)?

Before we look at how much RAM PCs need today, let's briefly figure out what RAM is. RAM, or random access memory, is a form of temporary storage on a computer. That's where the operating system stores processes for the programs you currently have open.

When you turn off your machine, the memory contents will run out. Because RAM allows for fast access, so you can switch from one open program to another quickly.

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How Much RAM Do I Have?

Next we will see how much RAM is available on your system so you can compare it against some baselines.


On Windows 10, Settings > System > About. Under Device specifications , you will see the line Installed RAM. Note that if your System type is listed as 32-bit operating system, you can only use 4GB of RAM no matter how much RAM you have on your computer. For that you will need 64-bit Windows to use more than that.


On macOS, open the Apple menu at the top left of the screen and select About this Mac. On the resulting Overview tab, you will see a line for Memory showing how much RAM you have installed.


If you are using Linux, you can enter the free command in a Terminal window to display RAM information. However, this displays the amount of memory in kilobytes, which is inconvenient. Use free -h instead to display the amount in gigabytes or megabytes, if necessary.

Another way


There is actually a quick way to check the RAM on a computer. You can install the CPU-Z app for freeware system monitoring. This application not only checks RAM but all your CPU components.

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How Much Computer RAM Do I Need?

Now that you know how much RAM your computer has, let's take a look at some common amounts of memory to see how much is right for your needs.

2GB RAM: Less

You probably won't find a computer these days that only has 2GB of RAM. While this amount is still capable of handling one simple task at a time, such as browsing, anything other than multitasking will cause major slowdowns on systems with 2GB of RAM.

Most of the cheap smartphones available today even have more than 2GB of RAM. You should avoid buying a computer with 2GB of RAM, and if your current machine has 2GB of RAM, consider upgrading immediately.

4GB RAM: Enough For Basic Use

For now, 4GB of RAM is considered the baseline for most computers. While normally moving to 8GB now, you will still find some laptops with 4GB of memory. But is 4GB of RAM good?

4GB of RAM is enough if you only use your computer for basic tasks like web browsing, light word processing or spreadsheet work, and sending email. This isn't enough for most modern video games today, and it can be difficult if you have multiple Chrome tabs open or running multiple programs at once.

8GB RAM: Good Standard

Most mid-range machines you'll find today have 8GB of RAM. 8GB is a good modern standard for RAM. This is enough to work on multiple tasks at once without experiencing system slowdown, and enough for gaming too.

But you might want more RAM if you often edit 4K video, live stream high-end games to Twitch, or leave a lot of resource-intensive programs open all the time. But if you are not a heavy computer user, 8GB RAM should work fine.

16GB RAM: Good For Heavy Work

16GB of RAM is a huge amount if you use your computer for heavy tasks. Modern design, video editing, and gaming apps all demand more space to work with if you have 16GB of RAM. However, it's overkill if you guys don't fit this description. Those who only have a few browser tabs open and don't play video games or work with large media files may use less RAM.

32GB+ Memory: Fans Only

32GB or more memory is only needed for extremists. If you edit 4K (or higher) videos regularly and want to do other tasks while your computer creates files, you're going to need a lot of memory. For most others, it's a waste and you can use the money for more useful PC upgrades. Because most video games don't need 32GB of RAM yet.

Don't Forget to Upgrade Other Computer Components

If you're looking to upgrade your current machine or build a new computer, keep in mind that RAM isn't the only component worth checking out. Most unused RAM memory is wasted RAM. There's no point in buying 32GB RAM when you're only using 4GB, because the extra RAM is never active or used.

Hopefully, this article about How Much RAM Does a PC Need Today?, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about How to Activate Windows 10 Laptop Camera that you may need to know. Thank you.

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