Download Corel Draw X8 Full Version 32/64 Bit

download corel draw x8 full version.

 Download Corel Draw X8 Full Version 32/64 Bit

Download Corel Draw X8 Full

Download Corel Draw X8 full version for Windows. We all know that Corel Draw is a vector graphics editor computer program that functions for image processing. The version of CorelDraw X8 (which is equivalent to version 18) was released in March 2016. CorelDraw itself is a vector graphic design application that is easy to use, so that computer users or even newbies can learn and use it.

If you download Corel Draw X8 full version, you will get new and more sophisticated features for sure. Because this application is equipped with the latest features, which of course are more complete than Corel Draw X7, making it easier for graphic designers to create many projects. So what are these new features?


1. Features of Corel Draw X8

2. Advantages of Using Corel Draw X8

3. Disadvantages of Using Corel Draw X8

4. System Requirements Corel Draw X8

5. Download Link Corel Draw X8 Full Version

6. How to Install Corel Draw X8

Features of Corel Draw X8

 1. Compatibility - If you are a Windows 10 user, of course it is very suitable to use Corel Draw X8, why is that? with this compatibility feature CorelDraw brings full power and stability, with this feature also CorelDraw expands the compatibility options of the latest file formats, including AI, PSD, PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, DWG, DXF, EPS, TIFF, DOCX, PPT and many more. yet another.

 2. Multi-monitor, 4K and Real-Time Stylus support - CorelDRAW now supports Ultra HD 4K Monitor provides an application experience through high-resolution screens, including the new Multi-Monitor feature which allows you to use a variety of high or low resolution monitors because the scale of the interface has been optimized to be more flexible. This latest version is also equipped with a Full Stroke Control feature that supports wacom tablets, which allows you to draw using a Stylus, Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Surface Book or other tools without having to install additional drivers.

 3. Corel Font Manager - For those of you who want to play around with font styles, try this feature, you can manage fonts according to your wishes and use them without having to install, perfect for those of you who like to use typography techniques in their designs every day.

 4. Font filtering and Search - This feature is very helpful for designers who forget the name of the font in question, just by remembering the type you can find the font you mean.

 5. Show Objects - This feature is very helpful for designers who are not comfortable with managing projects, with this feature you can process objects easily, hide and show objects, this new feature also allows you to hide individual objects or groups of objects on a layer without hide the whole layer.

 6. Copy Curve Segments - If you need to work quickly, you can use this feature, its function is to copy paste or duplicate curve pieces that allow you to return to the curve segment of your curve project sector.

 7. Knife Tool - Knife tool actually already exists in Corel before, but the company is trying to perfect this one tool, you can divide or group objects easily.

 8. Workspace customization – Now you can more freely manage your workspace, with this feature you will be more comfortable designing because it provides the freedom to organize workspaces for designers.

 9. Gaussian Blur Feature - Another very interesting new feature is the update of Gaussian Blur, Gaussian Blur now has an effect like a lens on a camera, where you can blur/blur an object in a photo. Lens from Gaussian Blur is created with separate layers from the main photo, so you can do separate editing on each layer. Gaussian blur is a basic requirement for professional designers.

10. Healing Clone Tool - Healing clone tool allows you to manage/manipulate photos using CorelDRAW will be easier, removing objects by mixing various colors and textures around them so that they can make your photos look healthier and also clean or easy to heal The tool also works when you want to remove an object that is blocking the main object. This function is similar to the Clone Tool found in Photoshop.

Advantages of Using Corel Draw X8

  * It is an application suite that has many applications in one package, allowing you to design, edit photos, create website designs in one product.

  * More pampering users with various customizations on the User Interface and the addition of various features that are very helpful with full control in the hands of users.

  * The display is more User Friendly and very easy to use even for beginners and can customize the workspace & interface according to your skill level.

  * Providing template, clip and font services will really help designers to create many projects without referring to other content.

  * More stable than previous versions.

Disadvantages of Using Corel Draw X8

  * Requires higher specs than its predecessor, the software will feel a little heavy if you use the minimum specifications listed.

  * Still a little weak in terms of color compared to its rivals such as Adobe Illustrator and others.

  * More optimized for Windows OS, but still not compatible for MAC.

System Requirements Corel Draw X8

Before you start downloading Corel Draw X8 full version, make sure your PC meets the minimum system requirements.

  * Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

  * Memory (RAM): 1 GB RAM required.

  * Hard Disk Space: 2 GB of free space required.

  * Processor: Intel Dual Core Processor or later.

Download Link Corel Draw X8 Full Version

Download:Â Google Drive


How to Install Corel Draw X8

  1. Download Corel Draw X8 full version using the link above.

  2. Turn off Antivirus or Windows Defender.

  3. Turn off the internet connection.

  4. Extract the file.

  5. Burn the extracted file earlier.

  6. Select the version of CorelDraw you want to run on the x64 folder for the 64bit version or x86 for the 32bit version.

  7. Double click on the Setup.exe file.

  8. Follow the installation process to completion

  9. Corel Draw X8 is ready to use.

Note: If you encounter the error message “You Cannot Install This Product Because Another Version Is Already Installed” uninstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable.

Hopefully, this article about Download Corel Draw X8 Full Version 32/64 Bit, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about Download IDM Full Version Latest 2021 (Free) that you may need to know. Thank you.

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