Disable autoplay/autorun in windows 7

Disable autoplay/autorun in windows 7

 User Account Control (UAC) is a Windows 7 security feature. Every time you access files or Windows Vista system applications, a UAC warning will appear confirming this security feature. This feature can be disabled so that you are not disturbed by the frequent windows asking "Do you want to allow the followinf program to install software on this computer" or Do you want allow ....others that appear in the user account control dialog box. . Disabling UAC does not interfere with the performance of windows 7


How to disable user account control in Windows 7, can be done with the following procedure:

1. In the search box type msconfig then enter

2. Select tab



Select Change UAC Settings

Click the Launch button


3. Slide the slice bar to Never notify


If successful, the User Account Control confirmation box will no longer appear when installing programs or running certain applications.

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