Delete Windows.old folder in Windows 10 | Here's how to do it.

how to delete windowsold folder in windows 10.

How to Delete Windows.old folder in Windows 10

Whenever you upgrade your windows PC from an old version to Windows 10 without formatting the hard drive, the installation wizard will save a copy of the previous version in the “Windows .old” folder on your computer.

This copy is a protection in case something goes wrong during the installation process. If something bad happens, the operating system can use the recovery copy to roll back the changes automatically.

If everything is installed properly, then you no longer need these files, because these files will only waste your hard drive space. Here's how:

1. Use Windows key + E shortcut to open File Explorer.

2. Select “This PC”.

3. Under “Devices and drives”, right-click the drive with the Windows 10 installation, then click “Properties”.


4. Click the “Disk Cleanup” button.


5. Click the “Clean up system” button.


6. Select the “Previous Windows Installation(s)” option to delete the Windows.old folder. Here you can also choose to delete other installation files, including Windows upgrade log files and Temporary Windows installation files.


7. Click “OK”.

8. Click “Delete Files” in the pop-up window to confirm the deletion.

9. Then click “Yes”.

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