Create Shortcuts for Windows Update in Windows 10 | The method is quite easy.

how to create shortcuts for windows update in windows 10.

How to Create Shortcuts for Windows Update in Windows 10

 Windows 10 supports a new settings application that can take you much faster to regular settings and advanced settings. But how do you go to certain pages with shortcuts?

Each setting has its own URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) ??which makes it easy for you to open the settings page directly from the command. Although you can open it from the start menu, however, if you know the URI then you can create a shortcut on the desktop to access the settings page you want.

Open Settings page directly from shortcut

Press the “windows + R” key to open the Run dialog. Copy the command below into the Run box.


to open the “Windows Update” settings page directly. And,


to open the “Notifications & actions” settings page directly.

How to Create a shortcut on the Desktop

1. Select what settings you want to create a shortcut for and copy the URI. For example: if you want to create a shortcut for the “Windows Update” settings. Right-click on the desktop, then select “New”, then click “Shortcut”. A window will appear. Now paste the URI for Windows Update and click “Next.”

2016-01-15 17_35_27-Photos

2. Choose a name for the shortcut, such as “Windows Update”, and click “Finish.”

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3. Double click the shortcut, and the “Windows Update” settings page will appear. Right-click on the shortcut and select "Properties".

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4. Select the “Web Document” tab and then click “Change Icon”.

2016-01-15 17_38_04-Photos

5. Select the icon you want, and click “OK”. Now you can access Windows Update directly from the desktop. If you like, you can pin it to the taskbar too.

Hopefully, this article about Create Shortcuts for Windows Update in Windows 10, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about Create Symbolic Links in Windows. that you may need to know. Thank you.

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