Create a Minimalist Desktop Windows 7 | Here are 6 tips you need to know

create minimalist desktop windows 7.

6 Tips to Create a Minimalist Desktop Windows 7

Are you a simple person or do you like minimalism? The following tips are certainly suitable for those of you Windows 7 users who don't like a complicated desktop. A desktop that is too "full" of useless things can be an unsightly thing and can reduce user productivity. So prepare yourself to start cleaning your Windows 7 desktop.

Clean Shortcut Icon

Cleaning the shortcut icon that fills the desktop can widen the eye on the computer screen. Similar to cleaning your desk from piles of worksheets, a clean desktop makes you more comfortable working with your computer.

The trick is to right-click the desktop > View > Uncheck the Show desktop icons.

The result is a clean desktop of icons and if one day you want to restore it, just put a checkmark on that section.

Hide Recycle Bin Icon

Sometimes the Recycle Bin icon still appears on the desktop even though the desktop has been cleaned through the above method. The trick is, place the Recycle bin in the right corner of the desktop or in a place that you don't think is distracting to the eye. You can also delete the icon via the gpedit configuration.

To do this, open the Start Menu > type gpedit.msc > press Enter. In the Local Group Policy Editor, select User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Desktop > Remove Recycle Bin Icon from Desktop.

Then select edit policy settings, then change it to enabled.

Log off Windows to see the results.

Auto-hide Taskbar

Still not minimalistic too? The taskbar on the desktop can be hidden via the auto-hide feature so that the taskbar will be hidden if the mouse is not active on it. To do this, right-click on the taskbar > select properties > put a checkmark on the Auto-hide Taskbar section.

Click OK or Apply to end the configuration.

Install Interesting Wallpaper

The taskbar and icon set has been cleaned from the desktop but if the wallpaper used is not attractive, it is certainly less pleasing to the eye. A minimalist desktop must also be combined with something elegant so that when working on a computer you don't get bored quickly.

One of the places to find good wallpapers is on the site.

Use Auto-Switch Wallpaper

Many wallpapers have been collected and we can take advantage of the auto-switch feature in Windows 7 so that the wallpaper can change automatically. This feature makes us no longer need to manually change wallpapers because it can waste time, just specify the desired wallpaper and the time it takes to change the wallpaper.

To do this, right-click the Desktop > select Personalize > Desktop Background > Put a checkmark on the desired Wallpaper and specify the change time.

You can also activate the shuffle feature so that wallpaper changes occur randomly. After that click Save changes to end the configuration. Unfortunately, versions of Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic cannot use this feature.

Use Dock

Do you want the icon to stay on the desktop but still look elegant and minimalist? You can use the dock to manage frequently used icons, one of which is using Rocket Dock. Rocket Dock has an attractive theme and appearance as well as ease in customizing icons.

To add an icon to the dock, simply drag the desired icon directly into the dock. Of course, the use of the dock will keep you from icons scattered irregularly on the desktop.

Minimalist or not necessarily depends on the tastes of each Windows user. So you are also the one who can determine the category of minimalist Windows 7 desktop that you use. Some of the tips above may affect the performance and use of your computer's resources, so use the tips above according to your computer's capabilities. May be useful.

Hopefully, this article about Create a Minimalist Desktop Windows 7, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about create a System Restore Point Shortcut in Windows 10 that you may need to know. Thank you.

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