Change Windows 10 Primary Color | The method is quite easy.

how to change windows 10 primary color.

How to Change Windows 10 Primary Color


This feature is very small, but makes you feel comfortable. In Windows 10, in addition to the return of the Start menu, this dominant color is enough to give an impression to users, but sometimes it can also cause discomfort for many users because the colors are considered less good.

You can change the main color of Windows 10 to a more suitable color or to your favorite color.

How to change Windows 10 color

First, point to the Desktop, move the mouse to an empty part. Then right click, and select "Personalize".

2015-11-10 17_09_56-Start

Then, select the "Colors" menu on the left. Set “Automatically pick an accent color from my background ” to Off. Then, you will see the color options that are already available in this window. (If you select On, Windows will automatically select the color according to the wallpaper).

2015-11-10 17_11_46-New notification

Choose your favorite color, then the system will automatically change. You can see an existing preview. The color of the start menu, window borders and taskbar will change according to the color you choose.

When you're done selecting the color you want, simply exit the window by clicking the “x” or close. And, done!

Hopefully, this article about Change Windows 10 Primary Color, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about Change Windows Cursor Image that you may need to know. Thank you.

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