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how to change password in windows 10.

How to Change Password in Windows 10

 Even if you don't think you have anything secret in your files, Windows passwords are very important. If you feel that someone else knows your password, then it's time for you to change a new password. Windows 10 provides three different options for changing your password.

You can choose a new normal password. However, I recommend using a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. It's usually best if the password is at least eight characters long. You can also change the password to a pin or image which will allow you to log into your Microsoft account faster.

There's also Windows Hello, which allows you to log into your account via iris, face, or fingerprint detection. Don't delay changing your password if needed!

Change/Set Password

1. Click the 'Start' menu button on your screen.

2. Click “Settings” from the list of options.

2015-11-16 15_39_16-Cortana

3. Select “Accounts”.

2015-11-16 15_40_42-Settings

4. Select “Sign-in options” from the menu.

2015-11-16 15_43_09-Settings

5. Click "Change" under the words 'Change your account password'

2015-11-16 16_02_58-Settings

6. To change your password, you must enter your current old password.

2015-11-16 16_10_33-Change your password

7. Enter the new password you want. And click "Next", then click "Finish".

2015-11-16 16_11_33-Change your password

8. And done!

Change your Password to PIN

1. Follow steps 1-4 as above.

2. In the “Sign-in options” menu, click “Add” under ‘PIN’.

2015-11-16 16_56_24-Settings

3. To add a PIN, you must enter your current password, then click “OK”.

2015-11-16 16_57_10-First, verify your account password.

4. Enter the new PIN in the first box and type it again in the second box. Click "OK". And, you can now use this pin to log into your Microsoft account.

2015-11-16 16_57_51-Set up a PIN

Change your password to a picture password

1. Follow steps 1-4 Change as above.

2. In the “Sign-in options” menu, click “Add” under 'Picture Password'.

2015-11-16 16_58_26-Settings

3. Enter your password to verify your account, and click "OK".

2015-11-16 16_59_22-Create a picture password

4. Click “Choose Picture”, then choose a photo from your file.

2015-11-16 17_00_18-Picture password

5. Click “Use this picture” if you like the picture or click “Choose new picture” if you want to choose another picture. You can also drag the image position as you want.

2015-11-16 17_03_03-Picture password

6. You have to set three gestures which will be part of your picture password. With your cursor, draw a line or circle within your drawing.

2015-11-16 17_04_07-Picture password

If you see this message, then you have successfully created a picture password! This photo will appear when you log into your account. do the image movement that you set earlier in the image.

2015-11-16 17_05_37-Picture password

Hopefully, this article about Change Password in Windows 10, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about Change the Default Control Panel View on Windows that you may need to know. Thank you.

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