Change Display Language on Windows 10 | Maybe you want to try how to do it.

how to change display language on windows 10.

How to Change Display Language on Windows 10

 Windows 10 can change the default language. You no longer have to worry about the default language when buying a computer. If you want to use a different language, you can change it at any time.

You can download and install additional languages ??for Windows 10 to view menus, dialog boxes, and other items in the language of your choice. Here's how:

Install Language in Windows 10

1. Click the “Start” menu, then select “Settings”, then select “Time & Language”.

2015-12-01 15_08_02-Settings

2. Select “Region & language” on the left, and click “Add a language” on the right pane.

2015-12-01 15_09_02-Settings

3. A new window will appear, there is a list of available languages ??that can be installed on your computer. The languages ??are listed in alphabetical order according to the Windows language standard. Click on the language you want, to start downloading.

2015-12-01 15_10_20-Settings

4. Go back to the previous “Time & Language” setting and click on the language you just installed. You will see three options: “Set as default”, “Option”, and “Remove”. Click “Options”, and then click “Download” to download the language pack and keyboard for that language.

2015-12-01 15_11_31-Settings

2015-12-01 15_12_27-Settings

Changing Display Language

To change the language of the user account you are currently using, select the language, then click “Set as default.” You will see a notification appear under the language, “Will be display language after next sign-in”. You must first sign-out and sign-in again, then the display of your chosen language will appear.

2015-12-01 15_13_50-Settings

Changing the Language on the Welcome Screen and New User Account

Changing the language pack for the user account will not change the default Windows system language used in the welcome screen, sign-in, sign-out, Shutdown, Start menu headings, and Account Admin.

Here's how to replace it:

1. Open “Control Panel, then select “Region” (Make sure the Control Panel display becomes an icon).

2015-12-01 15_14_57-All Control Panel Items

2. Select the “Administrative” tab then click “Copy settings”.

2015-12-01 15_16_36-Region

3. You can choose to copy your currently selected language into your system account. Alternatively, you can set it as the default for new user accounts. Check the box below as you wish. When finished, click "OK" then restart your computer.

2015-12-01 15_17_30-Welcome screen and new user accounts settings

Hopefully, this article about Change Display Language on Windows 10, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about Change Icons for Certain File Types on Windows that you may need to know. Thank you.

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