Block Programs With Windows Firewall | The method is quite easy.

how to block programs with windows firewall.

How to Block Programs With Windows Firewall


Open Windows Firewall

There are 2 ways to open the windows firewall, namely:

1. Type “windows firewall” in the search from the start menu. Then select the windows firewall application.

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2. Press and hold the “windows key” on the keyboard and press “R” to bring up the run command. Then type “firewall.cpl” and click OK. This is to open the firewall.

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Blocking Programs With Windows Firewall

1. Click the “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall” link on the left.

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2. Click “Change settings”.

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3. Uncheck the program you want to block. If the box is unchecked, it means that the firewall will block the program from connecting to the internet.

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If you want the program to be blocked only when connected to a Public network but not blocked on a private network, or vice versa, you can check one of the appropriate boxes on the right.

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4. When finished, click "OK" to save the settings you have made.

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