Adding Application Shortcut to Windows Right Click Menu

adding application shortcut to windows right click menu.

Adding Application Shortcut to Windows Right Click Menu

 Are you a productive slacker with lots of programs on your computer? On the other hand you are reluctant to add extra shortcuts for all applications on your desktop? Maybe adding a shortcut via right-click will provide a solution to free up less space on your desktop. You don't have to be an expert in programming to do it, just a few simple steps and a neat desktop will get you easily.

We have written a complete way to do this in this article, both for you users of Windows 7 or the latest Windows series. Of course, just a little change the registry of your Windows operating system. Here are the steps. To do this, start by accessing the Registry Editor (regedit.exe) which is installed by default on the Windows operating system. The author this time using the Windows + R key combination, then typed "regedit". You can use another way to access it. Directory access



Until this step, a window will appear on your desktop, start to add a new folder in that directory. The main purpose of adding this folder is to create a new menu. How to right click on the shell folder, select New> key. (As shown in the picture).

regedit - new Description

  * Name : This is the name of your shell

  * Type: Contains the type of the existing value type, whether in the form of a string (letter) or integer (Number) for more details you can see on the Windows developer page

  * Data: Is the path of the application or command (Syntax command line) when run

Give it a name as you wish. Later this name will correspond to the name of the menu that appears when you right-click on the desktop. Suppose the author gives the name Steam, for the Steam application.

The next step is to add an action to run the application. Right-click on the folder you just created, select New > Key. Name the folder "command", with lowercase letters. It adapts to the configuration of the windows operating system. Fill in the "value data" directory where the application is installed, for example, the author's Steam application is in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe" directory.

regedit -values ??Same as the previous description for value data, namely for calling actions or directory placements. If you use the system to call, you can put the command prompt syntax to be placed in the value data column.

Note: To more easily find your path (application directory link), use shift + Right click. Select "Copy as path", this is more practical for you to use on the Windows operating system.

Up here, you will see a different look on right click on your desktop wallpaper. This difference does not require you to do a previous restart of the computer. If you want to add other applications you just have to repeat this step as needed.

regedit - final Making changes to the registry in Windows is one of the things that is dangerous if without knowledge, because it will automatically affect the continuity of the operating system itself. But sometimes a person will never succeed in getting what he wants without having to try and take risks for it. Good luck!

Hopefully, this article about Adding Application Shortcut to Windows Right Click Menu, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about Alert! Here are the 10 Newest Computer Viruses This Year that you may need to know. Thank you.

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