Add Programs at Windows Startup | Try out how to do it.

how to add programs at windows startup.

How to Add Programs at Windows Startup

 Windows Start-up programs are programs that appear automatically when a Windows computer starts up. Almost all the applications you install use the default installation start-up when Windows starts. If you want to manually add more applications on Windows start-up, follow these steps.

1. Go to “File Explorer” and select your personal folder path.

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2. Click “App data”

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3. Click “Roaming”.

4. Click “Microsoft”.

5. Click “Windows”.

6. Click “Start Menu”.

7. Click "Programs".

8. Click “Startup”.

9. Create a shortcut of the file you want to add. Then paste it in the "Startup" folder.

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10. Restart your computer. And the program will appear automatically when windows startup.

Hopefully, this article about Add Programs at Windows Startup, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about Add Unallocated Space on Windows 10 Partition that you may need to know. Thank you.

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