Add Multiple Clock Time Zones on Windows | Here's how to do it.

how to add multiple clock time zones on windows.

How to Add Multiple Clock Time Zones on Windows

 1. Click on the clock in the lower right corner of the screen.

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2. Then click “Date and Time settings” at the bottom of the window that appears.

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3. Scroll down and click “Additional clocks for different time zones”.

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4. Then check the box “Show this Clock.” This is so you can choose another time zone to display on your desktop.

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5. Under the “Show this Clock” box, click the drop-down list labeled “Select time zone.” From the list, click the time zone you want to display.

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6. Enter a name in the “Enter display name” box so that you can identify the time zone that is being displayed.

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7. Click “OK”. And now you can see the time zone you added earlier.

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Hopefully, this article about Add Multiple Clock Time Zones on Windows, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about Add Programs at Windows Startup that you may need to know. Thank you.

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