Top 10 Disk Utility for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

top 10 disk utility for windows 7.

Managing your hard drive is just as important as protecting your computer from malware and other infections. However, most of us ignore the importance of disk management, which can have some serious implications on the health of your computer.

Many disk management to manage our drives using windows built-in tools. However, there are various HDD management tools on the market that can help in creating, formatting, or deleting system partitions to keep them sorted. Disk management tools not only help manage your computer's hard disks, but can also handle external disk drive partitions.

Here are the list of Top 10 Disk Utility for Windows 7, 8 and10

1. AOMEI Partition Assistant

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is a FREE disk partition management software, which has earned its reputation among users all over the world. It comes with so many advanced features that allow you to fully control your hard disk and partitions. For example, "Resize Partition" lets you increase the partition size to work around low disk space issues, or shrink the partition size to make the partition size more reasonable. You can flexibly manage disk space with "Create Partition", "Merge Partitions", "Delete Partitions", "Format Partitions", "Copy Partitions" and so on.

AOMEI Partition Assistant embeds sector-level data protection technology. This allows you to realize more secure partition operations that meet your expectations. This can help you solve all sorts of problems on your disk partition, regardless of your MBR or GPT-style disk or the size (small or larger than 2TB) of your disk.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Official Website

2. Easeus Partition Master

EaseUS Partition Master Free is a free partitioning software that can resize, move, merge, and copy partitions for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.

Partition Master Free can Resize, Move, Merge, Migrate, and Copy disks or partitions; convert to local, change label, defragment, check and browse partitions; and more. The premium upgrade adds free technical support and the ability to resize dynamic volumes, but freeware more than meets most home users' needs.

Easeus Partition Master Official Website

3. Paragon Partition Manager

Paragon Partition Manager can Set up your hard drive and get extra space on your existing partitions. Adjust the partition size by sliding the partition left and right or enter the partition size you want. You can recover your volume and data if you delete partitions by accident. Format your HDD, SSD, USB, memory card, SD card or delete partitions to make them available for reuse. 

Redistribute free space using unallocated areas and open spaces on adjacent volumes. Change partition labels or drive letters for better data organization. Check for errors on the selected partition and repair them.

Paragon Partition Manager Official Website

4. MiniTool Partition Wizard

MiniTool Partition Wizard aims to maximize disk performance. It helps create/resize/format partitions flexibly, convert disks between MBR and GPT disks, convert partitions between NTFS and FAT32, and convert dynamic disks to basic without losing data in a few clicks.

MiniTool partition manager software offers two perfect solutions for data recovery. Partition Recovery Wizard can find and recover lost partitions while the Data Recovery feature can recognize and recover lost/deleted files from damaged, formatted, inaccessible FAT/NTFS/exFAT drives and certain Desktop/Recycle Bin/folders.

Disk clone or system migration is most often used to back up and upgrade hard drives. Disk cloning works perfectly when you are forced to make an instant backup. System migration returns you to act on the new disk in a while. No need to spend hours reinstalling operating system and applications.

As comprehensive disk check master, MiniTool Partition Wizard can measure disk read/write speed, analyze disk usage on computer, verify the file system integrity of a volume and fix logical file system errors, and quickly detect if there are bad sectors on the drive.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Official Website

5.  GParted

GParted is a disk utility tools for managing your disk partitions graphically.

With GParted you can resize, copy, and move partitions without losing data, allowing you to: Develop or shrink your C drive:, Create space for new operating systems. Attempting to save data from a missing partition GParted is free software. You have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, learn, modify, and upgrade GParted. You don't have to pay money to use GParted.

GParted is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or (at your option) a later version.

GParted Official Website

6. Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Professional Edition

Supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP, both 32-bit and 64-bit

As the latest magic partitioning alternative software, Partition Expert provides advanced features that allow users to expand system partitions, resize moving partitions, create, format, delete partitions easily; in addition, it also has unique data protection technology and the best data transfer algorithm to ensure 100% data security and fastest data partition transfer speed

Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Professional Edition Official Website

7.  Cute Partition Manager

CPM (Cute Partition Manager) is a powerful HDD partition management tool. 

Using Cute Partition Manager, you can easily add, edit, delete, and manage partitions on your computer. Most drives have plenty of space and can easily hold more than one operating system.

Cute Partition Manager Official Website

8.  Active@ Partition Manager

Active@ Partition Manager helps you manage your storage devices and the logical drives or partitions you have.

You can create, delete, format, and name partitions on your computer without shutting down the system. Most configuration changes take effect immediately.

Supports file systems like FAT, NTFS, exFAT, ReFS, HFS+, Ext2/Ext3/ Ext4, BtrFS, UFS, XFS, JFS.

Active@ Partition Manager Official Website

9.  S.M.A.R.T Monitoring Tools

smartmontools contains utility programs (smartctl, smartd) to control/monitor storage systems using the Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology System (S.M.A.R.T.) installed on most modern ATA and SCSI disks. It comes from smartsuite.

S.M.A.R.T Monitoring Tools Official Website

10. Acronis Disk Director

Acronis Disk Director features a powerful set of tools that work together to optimize disk usage and protect your data. Save a different file system or operating system on a single disk by creating and managing disk partitions. Improve drive performance to improve your overall PC experience.

Acronis Disk Director Official Website

Hopefully, this article about Top 10 Disk Utility for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, gives you a little insight. Also, read an article about Track a Windows 10 PC or Tablet If You Lose it that you may need to know. Thank you.

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